What Is The Purpose of Lingerie in Your Every Day?

What Is The Purpose of Lingerie in Your Every Day?

Lingerie and, by extension, talk of lingerie, is commonly thought of as something that stays behind closed doors. In fact, many people seem to think that the purpose of lingerie is solely for activities that go on behind closed doors. This all-too-common misconception is resulting in a lot of ladies missing out on the great benefits of owning lingerie. 

Here at NK IMODE, we believe that lingerie can be worn for any occasion or no occasion at all. We also don’t limit our pieces to the bedroom and have collections that can be worn all around the house and out of it, if you so desire. So, if you’re wondering what the purpose of lingerie is, keep reading to find out and discover a whole new reason to wear it as well as ways to take it beyond the sheets.

Bedroom Basics

We’d be remiss not to mention the most common reason to wear lingerie: to feel and look sexy for your partner. However, as an added and (in our opinion) more important reason: to look and feel sexy for you. Few things will boost your confidence more than the luxurious feeling of silk on your skin and the look on your partner’s face while you’re wearing a delicate piece of silk and lace. 

While wearing lingerie does help spice things up in the romance department, it’s also an excellent confidence boost, especially when it fits you like a glove, and it’s not limited to women in relationships, either. Single ladies can also slip into a sexy chemise or babydoll and fall asleep feeling like a queen. Treating oneself to a quality piece of lingerie is a great form of self care, regardless of your relationship status.

You’ll also sleep better in lingerie. Silk is thermoregulating, meaning it’ll keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer so you’ll stay at the perfect temperature throughout the night. It’s also breathable and great for sensitive skin, meaning you’ll wake up feeling well-rested and with soft skin. Learn more about the benefits of sleeping in silk here

Loungewear Lingerie

Lazy weekend mornings are so much more luxurious in lingerie. In this case, we’re not talking so much about the “sexier” pieces in your closet, but the more casual but still classy pieces like the camisoles and tap pant combinations or even a short silk kimono thrown over a chemise. Starting your day off in a soft silk piece sets the tone for the rest of your day to feel a bit special, even if all you plan to do is enjoy a cup of coffee and binge watch your favourite tv show. 

Staple loungewear pieces like a silk nightshirt or silk joggers can be worn around the house all day, keeping you comfortable and adding a touch of elegance to your day. When you need to slow down and rest from a busy week, these loungewear essentials can assist with your recharging routine.

Out and About

Certain pieces of lingerie can elevate your look when you’re headed out of the house. From silk camisoles under a blazer or blouse for a work meeting to a silk kimono over jeans for Sunday brunch, there’s versatility in lingerie that goes beyond the sheets. 

You can choose to be bold by wearing lingerie outside with some everyday wear pieces or keep it your secret by wearing lingerie under your clothing for a luxurious feel and good vibe that only you know the source of. From slips to camisoles, a subtly worn piece of lingerie throughout the day is your confidence-boosting superpower.

Confidence is Key

At the end of the day, the purpose of lingerie is all about feeling confident and comfortable. Added benefits include feeling sexy and more feminine, as well as giving your skin the treatment it deserves. If you’re not feeling any of these things, you’re probably wearing the wrong lingerie. Discover the best lingerie for your body type to ensure you’ve got the most flattering fit or contact us for help finding the right lingerie for your needs. The hand-cut lace detailing, sensuous silk, and quality craftsmanship of our lingerie is guaranteed to break any misconceptions about the purpose of lingerie once and for all. Go ahead, give us a try today.