Best Lingerie for Your Body Type

Best Lingerie for Your Body Type

Slipping into lingerie should be an empowering experience. The feeling of sustainable silk and hand-cut lace on your skin should be sensual, sexy, and glamourous. However, if you’re not sure what the best lingerie for your body type is, wearing lingerie can make you feel vulnerable and exposed. We want you to feel confident, comfortable, and like a queen, so we’ve created this guide to help you find the cut and style that works best for your body type, complete with pieces we recommend.

Choose Your Body Type
  • Ballerina
  • Carrot
  • Pear
  • Petite
  • Ruler
  • Hourglass
  • Long Torso
  • Short Torso
  • Apple
  • Busty
  • Small Chest

The Ballerina Shape

Ladies with the Ballerina body shape have a long and lean build. Ballerinas have legs for days and understated curves. Model and computer programmer, Karlie Kloss, has a ballerina body shape.

When you’re looking for a piece of lingerie that flatters your long legs and emphasizes your curves, choose a piece with a shaped bust inset to highlight your bust; an empire waist will show off your long limbs.

Pieces that we recommend for the Ballerina Shape include:
Nina Love Long Silk Slip
Agatha Nostalgia Long Silk Gown
Kacey City Dress

The Carrot Shape

You know that you have a carrot shape when you’re blessed with slim legs and ankles, confident broad shoulders, and a straight waist and hips. This is sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle shape; a famous woman who rocks her carrot shape with style is actor and philanthropist Angelina Jolie.

We recommend alluring pieces such as:
Marisa Short Silk Kimono
Morgan Spaghetti Camisole
Nina Love Silk Set

The Pear Shape

A woman with a pear shape has beautiful curves, especially in your hips and booty – it’s time to embrace them and show them off! Celebrities who rock the pear shape include Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

To embrace your inner diva in your lingerie, pick a flared bias-cut skirt and a contrasting colour, stretch-lace bust. This flatters your curves while balancing out your shape on top. For a more dramatic effect, add pieces with a deep neckline and a defined waist.

Some of our favourite pieces for the pear-shaped lady are:
Kacey City Silk Shirt
Morgan Iconic Short Silk Robe
Marisa Charming Bralette

The Petite Shape

Like a gymnast, petite women are small, thin and compact. However, as all petite women know, they aren’t to be trifled with! Some petite stars that you may recognize are pop icon Ariana Grande and actor Hayden Panettiere.

We love the comfort and elegance that comes with spaghetti straps and a deep V-neck on petite women, elongating the neck and torso. Picking something above the knee shows off those legs; a soft colour will keep you from getting lost in the fabric.

Some of our favourite garments for a petite woman are:
Agatha Top & Boxer Set
Marisa Charming Silk Chemise
Morgan Cradle Bust Silk Chemise

The Ruler Shape

Those with a ruler shape have a fabulously long, straight line with similar measurements from shoulder to the waist. You can see this svelte shape on actress and founder of GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow.

We advise our ruler-shaped ladies to choose an elongated lace bodice with lace insets at the hips, to emphasize your curves. A flared silk skirt and an open back will provide an effortless fit; you can even go a little bolder with elaborate back straps.

Some pieces that would make an incredible addition to your wardrobe include:
Nina Love Silk Slip
Nina Love Silk Babydoll
Nina Love Short Silk Kimono

The Hourglass Shape

Have you ever been compared to a pin-up girl? Those with an hourglass shape have a nipped-in waist while boasting full curves at your chest hips. Kim Kardashian is most certainly the most recognizable celebrity with an hourglass shape out there.

Experiment with flowing kimono sleeves and a wrapped front neckline to emphasize your cleavage. A diamond-shaped opening in the back of your lingerie adds subtle, yet unexpected character. Some pieces that we find especially flattering for hourglass shapes are:
Marisa Charming Silk Chemise
Agatha Swing Silk Babydoll
Morgan Bust Support Silk Chemise

The Long Torso Shape

A long torso shape is self-explanatory – the top half of your body, from shoulders to waist, is longer than the bottom. You have a defined waist that some could only dream of! One of our favourite long-torso ladies is actress Olivia Wilde.

To highlight your elegant shape, choose pieces with a lace bralette insert or an empire waist. You can further emphasize your upper body by wearing a long, flowing skirt.

Some simple pieces that we love for your body include:
Agatha Hanky Short Silk Robe
Morgan Bust Support Silk Chemise
Marisa Charming Silk Kimono

The Short Torso Shape

The short torso shaped woman’s area from the shoulder to legs is proportionally shorter than the legs. You love to show off your long, gorgeous legs! A celebrity with a similar shape is the fierce and talented singer, Solange Knowles.

Elongate your upper body and emphasize your taut waist with a shimmering silk charmeuse long gown, a flattering romper or a beautiful camisole, with alluring lace cut-outs on the side. This will provide a lengthening effect and show off the curve of your long legs.

Some of our favourite pieces for the short torso shape include:
Kacey City High V Neck Camisole
Agatha Nostalgia Long Silk Gown
Marisa Charming Silk Kimono

The Apple Shape

Apple-shaped ladies typically have a large bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection. You’ll also have slim limbs and nice legs. A famous apple-shaped celebrity is Adele.

Choose lingerie that balances the upper body by adding curves and fullness to the lower body. Highlight the bust and the legs by keeping details like hand-cut lace above the bustline and below the hipline. Bring attention to the legs with a detailed lace hemline and choose a bust-support chemise to help lift the chest and skim over the midsection.

The best lingerie for an apple shape includes:
Morgan Spaghetti Camisole
Morgan Spaghetti Silk Chemise
Agatha Swing Silk Babydoll

The Busty Shape

Celebrate your busty body! Busty women have beautiful curves, with your bust being proportionally larger than your hips or waist. You’ll recognize this body shape on model Kate Upton.

To show off those curves, pick an embroidered stretch mesh lace-bust inset, with wide shoulders and a deep neckline that supports and highlights the cleavage. A flared silk skirt will help to balance out your shoulders.

Feel your best in these stunning pieces:
Agatha Illusion Silk Chemise
Morgan Bust Support Silk Chemise
Morgan Cradle Bust Silk Chemise

The Small Chest Shape

Ladies with a small chest could have long, slim limbs or be otherwise curvy. Either way, they have a decadent small bustline that suits many playful pieces. One of our favourite small-chested women is international pop sensation, Taylor Swift.

To rock your body, opt for a stretch-lace bust insert framed by a soft silk cradle. This will give you a gentle, supportive lift while drawing attention to your waist.

Some pieces we love for this effect are:
Morgan Spaghetti Camisole
Nina Love Silk Babydoll
Kacey City Dress
Your body shape should be celebrated, and NK IMODE has high-quality silk lingerie for every shape to emphasize what you love about yourself and make you feel confident. Not to mention that you’ll be getting your best sleep yet in our temperature-regulating materials.

Your shape is beautiful. Let's celebrate it together. Highlight all the great features you have! Great legs? Sultry shoulders? Divine décolleté? Show them off! Being confident in your own skin makes you more confident than ever. Get your best sleep yet in our temperature regulating fabric or streamline your silhouette with our full range of bust-support designs while you lounge all day.

Our high-quality silks are also a perfect to mix and match as streetwear. Read more to learn how to wear lingerie under clothes!

Let us know in the comments what piece of clothing –or our lingerie!– sparks your confidence and makes you feel your best. We want to know!