Staying Cool in the Summer: The Benefits of Sleeping in Silk

Staying Cool in the Summer: The Benefits of Sleeping in Silk

Summer has arrived and with it comes the warm weather. We all love spending our summer days lounging in the sunshine and making the most of the balmy evenings. However, when it’s time for bed, we can find ourselves overheating or shivering with the AC on full blast, preventing a comfortable night’s sleep.

Silk sleepwear doesn’t just look great – it can enhance your sleep during these warm summer months. Here are some of the benefits of sleeping in silk, making silk sleepwear a summer essential.

Silk Regulates your Temperature

Silk is one of the softest and lightest fabrics out there. The last thing any of us wants as we sleep is heavy fabric getting in our way and waking us up. Silk prevents this from happening – you’ll be soothed to sleep with the way that it allows your body to move as it needs to throughout the night.

One of the best things about sleeping in silk is the way that it regulates body temperature; it keeps you cool during the summer and warm during the winter, meaning you can comfortably enjoy your favourite pieces all year round. It also means that silk will keep you warm if your bedroom is cold due to your air conditioner.

Some of our iconic year-round sleepwear pieces are the sleek Dylan Urban Nightshirt and the classic Morgan Silk Pajama Set.

Silk is Breathable

Another benefit of sleeping in silk, making it the ultimate choice for your summer sleepwear, is the fact that silk is one of the most breathable materials. It’ll quickly absorb any moisture but it won’t dry your skin out like cotton might. You won’t just get a night of great sleep; you’ll wake up with super soft skin! Who can say no to that?

The breathable aspect of silk is especially lovely in the summer months when we’re more prone to sweat. Preventing night sweats helps you to wake up refreshed and can even prevent your hair from becoming oily!

Our favourite sleepwear looks that mix breathability and fashion are the Morgan Lace Spaghetti Silk Chemise and the Peony Blooms Silk Lounge Top expertly paired with the Peony Blooms Silk Lounge Shortie.

Silk is Great for Sensitive Skin

Another reason we recommend sleeping in silk are the benefits that it provides to sensitive skin. Cooling and non-irritating, silk is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. Are you prone to sunburn or rashes during this hot season? Silk won’t cause any itching or burning, so you can relax and let your skin heal as quickly as possible.

Silk is also hypoallergenic. Any dust or allergens that may have gotten into your bedroom during the day will be wicked away, allowing you to breathe easily throughout the whole night. Pieces that we love for wrapping up and soothing the whole body include the Peony Blooms Leisure PJ Silk Wrap Set and the Morgan Iconic Bust Support Long Silk Gown.

The Perfect Sleepwear for Your Summer

Are you ready to get cool for the summer with your new favourite pieces of silk sleepwear? Explore NK IMODE’s entire collection of silk sleepwear and lingerie here. With three levels of bust support and sustainable practices, we produce high-quality, ethical silk pieces for every body.