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Embrace yourself with our luxurious silks. Inwardly beautiful, outwardly beautiful. It’s who you are. NK iMODE promises you an incomparable fit and superior comfort.


We are confident that our silks will meet both your comfort and fit expectations.

Over the years, we have emphasized the importance of feeling confident inside and out and delivering this message through the designs of our impeccable silks. With our designers’ expertise and close attention to details, in addition to applying our customer’s valuable feedback, we promise to deliver you a “WOW!” Moment.

We pride ourselves in our…

“I love my chemise! It fits me effortlessly; my husband loves it as well”
Lorena F. MEX

“Your products are beautifully made and wrapped. Feels like luxury all the way!”
Karen F. NZ

The Morgan Spaghetti chemise was so lovely and comfy I got another chemise again!
Zhiyao R. UK


From the first creative sketches in Vancouver, Canada in 2003 to our skilled silk specialists in Suzhou, China carefully crafting our first piece, NK iMODE has always focused on innovative design, impeccable fit and providing a full range of bust support.

Fine lingerie is an everyday luxury for everyone to enjoy. With this foundation, we constantly strive for designs that are not only intricate and versatile but focused on everyday irresistible comfort. We create timeless pieces of luxurious silks and lace that have allowed us to become recognized as one of the world’s leading boutique producers. We invite you to experience our exemplary customer care as you join us on your journey with us.


We build trust and confidence in every client relationship, aiming to exceed your expectations by providing a flattering fit without compromising comfort in our luxurious silk and lace lingerie. We are committed to introduce to women of all shapes the opportunity to discover their true beauty inside and out. Wake-up feeling as glorious as you look.

We obsess over the quality of each handcrafted detail to bring you a full range of bust support designs to allow you to feel confident and comfortable in each and every NK iMODE piece.

Approach each and every day with the confidence that empowers you to be yourself and face all that the day presents to you through our incomparable fit.

We know that every woman’s shape is unique; therefore, we offer design solutions that offer a full range of bust support that provides an ultimate allure with maximum comfort.

It is how we do what we do. With purpose, with drive and with the knowledge that we produce luxurious silks with premium quality and design, all presented to you with impeccable service– all the time, every time!


NK iMODE is produced exclusively at our family factory in Suzhou, China. With our senior associates having been part of the company for over 15 years, NK iMODE really has become an extended family. Our authenticity is grounded in crafting your silk through traditional artistry and skilled practices.

We advocate and practice fair and sustainable production processes. Having nurtured long-term partnerships with certified silk textile mills and lace specialists who collaborate with our family-owned factory, we are inspected every three months to assure each collectible is produced in an uncompromised quality environment. We undergo consistent testing to ensure no toxic chemicals are ever used. We certify that all our partners are aligned with our values of sustainable practices in the interest of our shared environment.


Our Collections are timeless: reflecting refined, everlasting style and high craftsmanship while incorporating versatility and luxury in beautiful silk and lace. Some are seasonal, most are not. Some can be worn in the privacy of your own home and some may be taken outside to stretch the boundaries of elegance and style, to show the world your impeccable taste and confidence in being the best you can be.

Create special moments in our silks, from jet-setting off to a romantic getaway to the magical event of preparing for your wedding or the much-anticipated honeymoon night. All pieces are presented to you on our website in a clear easy to navigate format, bringing our collections to you in the comfort of your home whenever you want.


We are incredibly honoured to partner with our valued Stockists. We are successfully positioned in markets with high demand for our silks among exclusive stockists in North America, the Middle East, Europe including the prestigious Selfridges in the UK, and 51 East in Qatar.



We are always thrilled and grateful how these fashionistas and lingerie experts style our silks and radiate confidence. The lingerie as outwear movement has grown, as many of our influencers style our silks as a street look, taking our silk #beyondthesheets. Follow us on social to see more of our luxurious silk collections and feed your lingerie addiction. 😉

We love to delight and create a memorable shopping experience throughout your entire journey. Chat with us! Let us share with you our intimate knowledge of our collections and introduce you to the experience that is NK iMODE.

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