How much of an impact can a small group make when talking about sustainability?

It requires more than one group’s efforts to save the world and to make a real difference. Therefore, we must be forward thinking and take action to work with one another and in doing so: every step will count.
At NK IMODE, every member of our team understands the need to partner with our customers: to protect our planet, to promote ethical fashion and to create timeless quality clothing made to last.
We are committed to designing garments with a balance of beauty and mindfulness: only using environmentally friendly fabrics, carefully crafting garments that will last for years and producing every single piece of our silks in sustainable conditions.

The Material

Silk, our principal fabric, is not only soft and breezy but also 100% environmentally friendly. Silk is a green fabric that will biodegrade seamlessly back into Nature’s cycle. We provide extensive product knowledge and garment care instruction to ensure every piece of silk will live its life to the fullest.

Timeless Designs

We produce two seasonal collections per year in limited runs of silk and rescued stock materials. We are proud of our timeless designs which will last for years. Our Design Team is dedicated to creating distinctive styles, of uncompromising quality and so wearable beyond the bedroom. We support the NK IMODE woman who wants to be her best without cost to the environment.

Fair & Ethical

Our WRAP Certified family-owned factory is subject to an annual inspection to ensure each piece is produced in an uncompromised ethical environment.
Over the years, we have nurtured long-term partnerships with certified silk textile mills. We only seek to partner with suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency.

Sleep in style with the peace of mind that every piece of NK IMODE silk nightwear is made with love and respect for us all and for the planet that we all share.