Special Honeymoon Packing List<br>for Europe

Special Honeymoon Packing List for Europe

Welcome back to our Honeymoon series. Beyond organizing the travel plans and activity itinerary, you should prepare to have the right items packed in your bag so you are ready to start your exciting journey with your new hubby.


Best European Countries for Honeymoon

Destination France, Czech Republic, Ireland or wherever you fancy. You choose your destination based on the culture and beautiful sights you two lovebirds will get to explore. However, the climate plays a significant part of your decision. You want to feel just right- not too hot and not too cold, as you trek and explore your new surroundings.

#1: French Riviera, France

You can’t go wrong with an ultimate French Riviera honeymoon. Blue waters and gourmet food -both of you will be swept off your feet. Don’t forget to visit Paris- the most romantic city on Earth!

Romantic Hotel Suggestion: La Maison Favart


#2: Prague, The Czech Republic

This gorgeous destination offers a rich culture of historic sites, scenic tours, and museums and theatre. Enjoy a romantic dinner by the river while staring into your lover’s eyes.

Romantic Hotel Suggestion: Golden Well Hotel


#3: Dublin, Ireland

Relish the local culture and ancient beauty of Ireland. Romantic stalls along the River Liffey or taking in a performance at Abbey Theatre -both of you will be sure to come away with the trip more in love and full of cultural experiences.

Romantic Hotel Suggestion: Clontarf Castle Hotel



Honeymoon Packing List to Be Elegant and Classy

Layers are the ideal mix to have, as you never know what the weather may bring. Make sure you add these attire essentials to your honeymoon packing list:

Sunglasses: A sleek pair of sunglasses can turn your outfit into instant sophistication.
Graphic T-Shirts: a fun and interesting way to add design and colour to your wardrobe. Pair with skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a moto jacket -you got the city chic vibe down.
Loose Long Sleeve Shirts: You want to be comfortable while you are visiting new sights. Add a patterned scarf to complete the look.
Blouse: Fantastic for dinners and any semi-formal event. Effortlessly pair it with jeans and a necklace. If you make it to Paris, even the impeccably-dressed French women will “Oh la la” at your elegant look.
Blanket Scarf/Wrap: A versatile piece to wear as a scarf or a wrap on those chillier days and nights.
Light Scarf: A patterned scarf will dress up any neutral outfit and add a pop of colour.
Moto Jacket: Add some edginess to your style with a leather jacket or go classic with a light peacoat.
Skinny Jeans: These will be your go-tos as you can dress them up or down depending on what you have on top.
Ankle Booties: Make sure they are flat and comfortable, as you’ll wear these daily. Black or brown is suggested so it won’t show marks.
Stylish and Comfortable sneakers: Your feet will thank you later with a cute pair of cushy sneakers.
Cross-body purse: Bring one that has a zipper and lots of pockets to put your important documents and money in. Make sure it’s either neutral or colourful, as long as it’s opposite to the rest of your wardrobe.



Luxury and Elegant Bridal Honeymoon Lingerie

Channel your inner goddess at night when you’ve both had a fulfilling day of sightseeing and romance your new darling with something silky, luxurious, and possibly transparent ;). Soft to the touch but will hit your new beau hard when they see you glow in bridal lingerie.

1. Victoire Remember Moi Long Gown (Shell)

Victoire Remember Moi Long Gown in Shell

2. Désirée Follow Me Babydoll

Désirée Follow Me Babydoll

3. Gilda Illusion Long Peignoir (Black)

Gilda Illusion Long Peignoir in Black

4. Morgan Cradle Bust Chemise (Ivory)

Morgan Cradle Bust Chemise in Ivory



Want to know more? Discover your lingerie style here

Experience this adventure of a lifetime in the tranquil and calm climates of your honeymoon destination. Fill your honeymoon packing list with just the right attire and enjoy the start of your new love journey.

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