Unforgettable Honeymoon Packing Checklist<br>for Winter and Snowy Places

Unforgettable Honeymoon Packing Checklist for Winter and Snowy Places

Best Snowy Honeymoon Destinations

There is something romantic about a snow-filled honeymoon adventure -all the more excuse to cozy up by the warm fire and cuddle. It’s a guarantee that the scenery will resemble a winter wonderland and you two will fall in love with the sights and each other all over again. Wide open plains, mountain views, and intimate one-on-one time will make your hearts swoon.

#1: Iceland

There are many diverse activities you can do even when there’s a chill in the air. Visit the lagoons, go on a hike, and soak in the hot springs. This picturesque exterior will heat you up no matter the climate!

Romantic Hotel Suggestion: Apotek Hotel


#2: Lapland, Sweden

Stay in the famous Ice Hotel and take part in ice sculpting and learn about the Scandinavian culture. Why not try a husky sleigh ride, snowmobiling, or relaxing in cozy log cabins. There is something here for everyone.

Romantic Hotel Suggestion: Arctic Light Hotel


#3: Swiss Alps, Switzerland

If you both love skiing, then this is the destination for you. Its charming resorts with relaxing spas make it the ultimate honeymoon destination to be active and intimate inside and outside.

Romantic Hotel Suggestion: Chalet Hotel Schonegg



Honeymoon Packing Checklist to be Romantic and Warm

Pack your warmest clothes and the secret is to layer, layer, layer! Make sure to bundle up and prepare for sparks to fly in your chilly surroundings.

Thick Toque: Keep your head warm and protected from the snowy weather.
Warm Knit Scarf: Bundle up with your thickest scarf or blanket scarf. Perfect to layer when you are sitting by the warm fire.
Puffer or Parka Jacket: Bring your warmest as you need to be prepared for all sorts of weather.
Turtle Neck Tops: Pair with dark skinny jeans and boots - you’ll nail the chic snow angel look.
Cozy Sweaters: Cute with leggings and always essential when layering over long-sleeve shirts for extra lining.
Thermal Leggings: On the extra cold days, pair under your jeans or ski pants.
Jeans: Versatile for dressing up or down. Change up your casual look by pairing your jeans with a fancy blouse and you’re all set for your dinner date.
Fleece Gloves: Before you make snow angels or have a playful snowball fight, slip on your gloves.
Wool Socks: Emphasis on the wool, as it is the critical material with moisture management properties. They are inherently breathable, providing comfort when you’re out all day.
Hiking Boots: When trekking up the mountains, you need comfortable footwear - don’t forget your boots!
Snow Boots: Enjoying the winter dreamland comes with dressing for the occasion. Slip on your snow boots and frolic in the snow with your beloved.
Back Pack: If you’re hiking or heading out far from your accommodation, pack your day trip items, such as extra attire, water, and snacks.



Unforgettable Honeymoon Lingerie

After the day’s activities, it’s time to unwind and snuggle up to your sweetheart. After being bundled up all day, it’s time to take off the layers and surprise your lover with something sexy. Raise the temperature in our silks picked especially for you.

1. Morgan Iconic Short Silk Robe (Ivory)

Morgan Iconic Short Silk Robe in Ivory

2. Corazon Slip Du Jour (Sky)

Corazon Slip Du Jour in Sky

3. Rebecca Flirty Silk Babydoll Set (Lovely Lavender)

Rebecca Flirty Silk Babydoll Set in Lovely Lavender

4. Lucky Gal-Pal Short Kimono & Headband Set (Ballad Blue)

Lucky Gal-Pal Short Kimono & Headband Set in Ballad Blue



Get lost in the moment with your loved one as you experience the breathtaking sights and dreamy surroundings. Both of you deserve it - we wish you a romantic honeymoon adventure!

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