Celebrate Earth Day with NK IMODE

Celebrate Earth Day with NK IMODE

As a fashion brand, we like to stay on top of the latest trends and movements in order to provide our clients top quality fashion in styles they’ll love. One movement that we have happily noticed more people embracing is a shift toward ethical consumerism. This is the practice of purchasing products and services that are produced in a way that minimizes social and environmental impact, including purchasing products that support small-scale manufacturers and local artisans. Sustainability matters and we find ourselves all making conscious shifts in our spending habits by repurposing old wardrobe items, donating clothing we no longer want, and thrifting for new items as well as purchasing high-quality pieces that are sustainably made and will last a long time. NK IMODE is proud to be a sustainable, “slow fashion” label. From packaging to products, our sustainable practices keep the environment and you in mind every step of the way.

Sustainable Silks, Lace, and Lyocell/Cupro

Sustainable Silks, Lace, and Lyocell/Cupro Not only are our garments touchably soft while offering great benefits to your skin, they’re also made from sustainably sourced materials. From 100% biodegradable silks to hypoallergenic Lyocell/Cupro blends made from eucalyptus pulp and recycled cotton fibers, all of our materials are environmentally conscious. Our beautiful loungewear is OEKO-TEX Certified which means that our fabrics are manufactured without substances that are toxic to you or the earth. You can learn more about the OEKO-TEX certification here. Our production team is a family-run factory that is WRAP certified and inspected every year to ensure ethical practices and treatment of our associates. These dedicated artisans are responsible for, among many things, the beautiful hand-cut lace detailing on our gorgeous lounge and sleepwear.

Timeless Designs

All of our garments are designed right here in Canada with you in mind. We create timeless, limited edition pieces that never go out of style and offer two seasonal collections each year in limited runs and only two permanent collections. This ensures that we aren’t unnecessarily using fabric or wasting natural resources by producing too much of an item and adds to the exclusivity of each collection. One of our favourite pieces is the Zero Waste Robe which uses every piece of the fabric, leaving no leftover scraps behind. We also offer the Kacey collection in Lyocell/Cupro that is unbelievably soft and versatile enough to be worn as evening loungewear or casual daywear.
Zero Waste Robe Champagne
Kacey City High V Neck Camisole
Kacey City Shirt Top
Zero Waste Robe Evening Blue

Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

In addition to our sustainable fabrics and practices, we ensure that the packaging your garment arrives in is eco-friendly as well. Our garment labels are crafted from 100% recycled and uncoated cardboard and embossed with our logo to be free from ink. Your items will ship in 100% biodegradable mailers and come in 100% recycled cardboard boxes that you can choose to keep to store your garments in, repurpose for your own shipping needs, or recycle. We switched up our packaging to be more sustainable in mid-2022 and are always looking to use the most sustainable packaging options and reduce packaging waste. Our goal is to not only make the unwrapping experience enjoyable for you but to keep it friendly for the earth as well.

At NK IMODE, our goal is to create timeless silk and lace pieces to make every woman feel her very best. In order to reach this goal, it’s important to keep sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. You can learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.