The Importance of OEKO-TEX Certified Fabrics

The Importance of OEKO-TEX Certified Fabrics

Putting on your favorite piece of clothing can set the tone for your day. Perhaps it’s a luxurious robe for your self-care moments or a tank top that takes you from lazy weekend mornings to the farmer’s market. No matter what it is, some pieces just bring a little bit of extra magic every time you put them on.

Your favorite garments shouldn’t just look and feel good on you; they should make a positive impact on the earth, too!

At NK IMODE, we believe that your lingerie and loungewear should be of the utmost quality while contributing to the health of both our customers and our planet. This is why it is important that our silk fabrics are OEKO-TEX Certified. But what does it mean to be OEKO-TEX Certified and why is it important for our garments? Learn about this important certification, and the benefits it provides, below.


What does it mean to be OEKO-TEX Certified?

From homewares to silk garments, those who worked with textiles recognize that there is a need to encourage a commitment to sustainability throughout their industries. OEKO-TEX certification ensures that textile products are manufactured without substances that are toxic to both humans and the earth.

To achieve OEKO-TEX Certification, manufacturers and brands must have its products tested to ensure that there are no toxic chemicals in or evidence of harmful processes used on the fabrics. OEKO-TEX is made up of 18 independent organizations, all of whom work to provide people like you with the best quality products. Each brand or manufacturer must recertify each year, ensuring that companies are continually striving to make the most sustainable choices for their customers, preventing greenwashing. 


The Benefits of OEKO-TEX Certified Fabrics

There are so many advantages in choosing garments made with fabrics that have an OEKO-TEX certification. Some of the top reasons you should consider brands that use fabrics that are OEKO-TEX certified include:

  • You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that this fabric won’t cause any ill effects on the earth and your health. For those of us who are sustainably minded, having this comfort leads to further enjoyment of these pieces in our wardrobe.
  • It is an indication of high-quality. Brands that put forth the time and effort to pursue materials with OEKO-TEX certification have put quality at the forefront of their business. Purchasing fabrics with this designation proves that lasting quality is at top of mind when crafting your garment and that this is a brand that you can trust.

The result? Quality that you can feel beyond the soft touch of the fabric on your skin.

When you wear our sleepwear, such as the Sierra Gathered Short Tee Silk PJ Set, you’ll rest easier with the peace of mind that these silks are entirely free of toxic chemicals. Our versatile day to night pieces, like the Dahlia Flutter Silk Midi Dress, carry you wherever you need to go throughout the day with the knowledge that the luxurious fabric was made with your best life in mind. 

When you slip into one of NK IMODE’s silks, you can feel the care that went into crafting a garment that prioritizes sustainability as much as luxury. 


Why Does It Matter to NK IMODE?

At NK IMODE, sustainability is always at the forefront of our business. We care about the women that we design for and the environment that we all share. Our daily mantra is to develop garments with a minimal impact on the environment. We use sustainable production best practices, fairly treating our workers in our family-owned factory, and use 100% biodegradable fabrics.

We prioritize creating beautiful garments that don’t negatively impact the earth to the earth while remaining of the highest quality. For us, this means using biodegradable fabrics, fairly treating our employees who handcraft our garments in their family-owned factory, and having limited quantities of our products to reduce waste. 

We are always looking for the next steps we can take to do even more for our customers and the environment. Our Sourcing team is committed to partnering with suppliers who hold a shared vision of sustainability, accountability, and transparency. This is why having our silks come from a supplier with an OEKO-TEX certification is so important to us; it represents the care that goes into the quality of NK IMODE products. You deserve to know that your silks are non-toxic to you and the earth.

You can see our commitment to sustainability in our exclusive Zero Waste Robe. The Zero Waste Robe, launched alongside our SS21 collection, uses optimal pattern efficiency so that all of the fabric in each piece of silk used to create the robe is used. Luxurious, comfortable, and, of course, made with OEKO TEX certified silks, the Zero Waste Robe adds a sustainable twist to the classic robe.

You deserve to indulge in garments that treat your mind, body, and the earth around you well. Learn more about NK IMODE’s Sustainability initiatives here and make sure to explore our new SS21 collection, complete with sophisticated essentials that are sure to become new favorite pieces within your wardrobe.