Why Everyone Should Own Silk Lingerie Basics

Why Everyone Should Own Silk Lingerie Basics

Why Everyone Should Own Silk Lingerie Basics


So, you’ve decided to purchase a new piece of lingerie and you’re finding that there are almost too many options. If you are new to the world of lingerie, it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to begin. For enthusiasts, it’s hard to decide which incredible piece to try next.

For those beginning their lingerie journey, a basic silk piece is the perfect way to learn what you like. If you already have a bustling collection, a high-quality basic garment compliments those more extravagant pieces in your wardrobe.

We believe that everyone deserves to indulge in silk lingerie basics. Read on to learn why silk lingerie basics are one of the ultimate treats you can give yourself, and what you have to look forward to after purchasing your new garment, here.

Embrace Your Personal Style

Choosing a simple piece of silk lingerie gives you a variety of occasions to slip it on. A black, white, or a neutral garment is easily matched to both your most comfortable loungewear and pieces that you only bring out once a year. Revel in its comfort during your Netflix evenings, and let it showcase your best assets on special occasions.

It is important to remember that silk lingerie basics are not boring. Every NK IMODE garment features unique handcrafted details, the best in fit, and flattering tones. This isn’t your average piece of lingerie – it’s a luxury experience that you deserve to treat yourself to whenever you’d like to.

There are a variety of types of basics that you can suit to your personal style. If you prefer something to wrap you up and make you feel cozy, try something like the Mischa Classic Smoking Robe.  If bust support and lace detailing make you feel your best, indulge in the likes of the Morgan Iconic Bust-Support Silk Chemise. If you love those classic silhouettes, shimmy into the Mischa Fluted Half Slip – the choice is yours!

Experience Maximum Comfort

When you’re picking a lingerie basic, you’ll want to wear it often. This is why it is not only important to pick a versatile style, but one that makes you feel the utmost comfort.

No matter what your current lingerie collection currently looks like, nothing can compare to the feeling of silk upon your skin. Silk is a temperature regulating fabric, ensuring that your garment provides you with the utmost comfort all year long. Not only is the silky-smooth texture incredibly luxurious, but it is soothing for sensitive skin, making it a fabric that everyone can indulge in. You can read more about the benefits of sleeping in silk here.

At NK IMODE, we’ve taken the steps to ensure that each silk design embraces your curves and makes you feel your best. This is why we’ve prioritized extra details, like adjustable straps on our camisoles and chemises to make sure they don’t slip and elasticated waists for a flattering fit, to make sure you can feel your best in your new garment. You can experience these features in garments such as the Mischa Lace Cut Out Cami and the Morgan Retro Silk Tap Pant.

Finally, you want to choose a piece with the right bust support. Some of you may want to pick a piece with natural bust support, which emphasizes your bust as it naturally falls. Others may prefer pieces such as the Olivia Flirtatious Silk Chemise, for the utmost in comfort and support. You can read all about our bust support options here.

Take It Beyond the Sheets

When you invest in high-quality lingerie basics, you’ll want to show them off. Luckily, our garments weren’t made to be kept to yourself. At NK IMODE, we believe in taking things ‘beyond the sheets’; your new lingerie can be styled for in and out of the house. One of the best things about lingerie basics is that there are more options to spice up your favorite items in your wardrobe.

Here are some of the ways to bring your lingerie basics beyond the sheets:

  • Pair a flattering silk slip – like the Mischa Fluted Half Slip – with flats and a blouse to bring those boss lady vibes into the office.
  • Accessorize your favorite chemise – like the Dylan Urban Silk Chemise – with heels, statement jewelry, and a leather jacket for a night on the town.
  • Make a casual statement by layering a short silk kimono – such as the Natasha Lace Kimono – over top of your skinny jeans and simple top for a brunch or coffee date with your best friends.

Choose Your New Silk Lingerie Basics

It’s exciting to choose a new piece of silk lingerie for your collection, or even to start your lingerie journey. NK IMODE has a variety of basic silk pieces that are sure to match your personal style and become daily essentials. Begin by checking out our newest collections here, or exploring our signature Morgan collection.

Do you have questions about your next lingerie purchase? Contact us here, or reach out on our Instagram profile, today.