What is Sustainable Fashion?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

With the weather warming up, we’re naturally spending more time outside and reconnecting with nature. Many of us who are closer to home may be rediscovering the natural beauty that is just outside of our door. We want to do what’s right for the world, and one of the best ways we can do that is through buying clothes and materials made with sustainable fabrics.

Purchasing with intention can have a dramatic impact on our earth. The fashion industry is second only to oil in carbon emissions. At NK IMODE, we’re proud to use sustainable silk charmeuse for all of our products. But what exactly is sustainable fashion, and how does it help the earth?

Why Choose Sustainable Fabrics?

If you’re new to eco-friendly fashion and choosing sustainable fabrics, you might be curious about how making ethical choices impacts the world.

The first thing to remember is that choosing an ethical fashion brand reduces your carbon footprint. If you take pride in driving an electric vehicle or eating vegan, you’ll find that choosing ethical clothing brands aligns with your values. Learn more about how carbon emissions impact the planet in this article from Business Insider.

Sustainable fashion goes beyond the quality of fabrics and purchasing clothing that wasn’t mass-made; there are further ethical considerations, such as how the workers are treated and if they’re adequately compensated for their hard work. Treating workers fairly means that they’ll be better able to provide for their families and contribute to their local economies, further positively changing the world.

Finally, sustainable fashion is made to last. Because these products are made with extra care, it is better equipped to last a long time. When you purchase clothing made with sustainable fabric, you’re getting a piece that you’ll treasure for years.

Is Silk Sustainable?

High-quality silk charmeuse is a sustainable fabric; it is one of the many reasons that we love it so much and use it for all of our lingerie and loungewear at NK IMODE. Some of the most sustainable components of silk include:

  • It’s Biodegradable. That $5 t-shirt that you needed to buy in a pinch will, after you’re done with it, likely be lying in a landfill for hundreds of years. Silk is 100% biodegradable; this means that your garment will leave behind no waste and become one with the earth again.
  • It’s hand-wash friendly. You don’t want to be throwing your silk pieces in with your sheets and socks in the washer and dryer. Delicate silk is meant to be hand-washed, which means that you’ll be using far less water and energy in the washing and drying process. (You can learn more about washing your silks here.)
  • It’s Built to Last. With proper care, your silk will remain in top condition for years, meaning that your favourite garments will look new for as long as you love them.

We could go on and on about the endless benefits of silk – you can learn more about our favourite things about silk here.

NK IMODE’S Commitment to Sustainability

One of our core values at NK IMODE is sustainability; it is essential to provide you with fashionable lingerie and sleepwear that doesn’t compromise your values. We do this by:

  • Using 100% silk charmeuse in most of our styles, meaning most NK IMODE pieces are biodegradable while still feeling luxurious.
  • Creating styles that last, that you’ll be wearing for more than one season. NK IMODE creates timeless garments that you will want to make last as long as possible. We also pride ourselves on creating versatile pieces that you can easily bring from day to night.
  • Having long-standing relationships with everyone who creates NK IMODE products, ensuring that all workers who give life to all of our NK IMODE designs are treated fairly and ethically at our family-owned factory.

The planet and the people on it have always been and will always be one of our priorities; read more about our sustainability initiatives here.

Are you ready to start investing in sustainable fashion? Or has it been important to you for a long time? Leave a comment below and let us know. Don’t forget to find your next favourite ethical garment;  shop our newest collections of iconic silks.