Pandemic-Friendly Ways to Celebrate a Bride-To-Be

Pandemic-Friendly Ways to Celebrate a Bride-To-Be

Pandemic-Friendly Ways to Celebrate a Bride-To-Be

Many of our loved ones are either newly engaged or planning a wedding that was postponed. 2020 dramatically changed our plans and there remains a lot of uncertainty as to when worthy couples will finally be able to tie the knot.

However, while it may look a lot different as we move into 2021, planning a wedding is still exciting. We need to find ways to celebrate the brides-to-be in our lives; they deserve it! Whether she’s decided to elope, downsizing to a small backyard affair, or planning a giant party for when it’s safe again, here are some of the ways you can make the bride in your life feel special and cared for.


Offer Practical Help for Wedding Planning

Your loved ones who are tying the knot can’t stop talking about how excited they are to make it official.  However, you are likely also sensing how stressed they are in the throes of planning. Wedding planning is overwhelming at the best of times, and it’s made all the more stressful with the ever-changing pandemic influencing guest lists, venues, and vendors. Even if you’re in isolation or across the country, there are tasks that you can help with to take the weight off of their shoulders. 

Reach out to the bride and ask how exactly you can help. One of the most overwhelming tasks, with shifting plans making cancellations inevitable, is navigating refunds. Take an afternoon to call some of the vendors she has had to cancel with and see if there is any way you can get some of her money back.

You can also offer to make calls to other guests on her lists on her behalf so that all who will be in attendance are informed as to any updates or safety protocols. Remember - no matter what changes she’s had to make, support her completely. This isn’t an easy time, and she needs someone to back up her decisions.

One of the best gifts to the stressed-out bride that you can give is a shoulder to cry on. The wedding gurus over at the Knot recommend a virtual “whine and wine”. Plan a Zoom call or Facetime, complete with your favorite beverage, to listen to their wedding woes and offer advice if they need it. 

Another way to cure stress is with a night of restorative sleep. A pair of silk pajamas help to soothe skin, regulate body temperature, and make her feel taken care of. We love sharing sets like the Dylan Urban Short Silk PJ Set so our favorite people can sleep and feel their best no matter what’s happening in their lives. Read more about the benefits of sleeping in silk here.


Plan a Virtual Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a trip to the spa? Often, a treasured moment leading up to the wedding for the bride is enjoying getting pampered with some of her best friends. She shouldn’t have to miss out on the experience of treating herself, surrounded by love.

A virtual spa day works well as a Zoom bridal shower or a day before the wedding event, especially if some of her loved ones can’t physically be in attendance. Make sure you choose a time where all those important to her can attend and have the time to put on a face mask, drink something fancy, and chat away just like you would at the spa.

Make sure that all of her needs are attended to for this luxury experience. Send her a care package with all that she’ll need for her spa day. Some essentials include:

  • A refreshing facial mist to refresh her skin.
  • A cleansing face mask to leave her glowing.
  • Soothing body lotion or massage oils that leave her feeling silky soft.
  • One of her favourite beverages to sip - perhaps a bottle of champagne, a cocktail kit, or her preferred brand of sparkling water.
  • Some of her favorite decadent snacks. If there is a company in your area that prepares and delivers charcuterie boards, this is a fantastic option.

She deserves to feel her best in her “getting ready” moments. A soft silk robe with handcrafted details makes her feel pampered every single day. Some of our favorite bridal robes include the timeless Morgan Iconic Short Silk Robe, with a color for every woman’s personality, or the bridal chic Barbara Bridal Short Silk Kimono.

Create a COVID-Safe Date Night

Instead of downsizing, some couples have decided to postpone their wedding indefinitely, waiting until the pandemic has passed before planning their celebration. Inevitably, what was supposed to be their wedding day will arrive and there will be bittersweet feelings, knowing that this was supposed to be their big moment.

Make this would-be wedding day extra special by sending them an at-home date night. Their wedding day will eventually arrive, but the love that they have for one another should still be honored.

Some at-home date ideas include:

  • Purchase a virtual cooking class, such as those from The Chef and the Dish, with all of the ingredients arriving at their house. Over Skype or Zoom, professional chefs from around the world can teach them to make their favorite type of cuisines. 
  • Create an at-home wine tasting experience. Send them a few bottles of their favourite varietals from around the world with accompanying cheeses, chocolates, and other accoutrements. 
  • Give them a taste of their honeymoon by creating a Vacation-themed date night. Were they planning on spending their first married days in Hawaii? Create a mai tai mix, make a tropical Spotify playlist, and send them vibrant flowers to fill their home with that will make their night at home feel like a getaway. 

Make Their Elopement Special

They’ve made the decision - they can’t wait any longer to be married and are going to do it themselves. You may be missing them on their special day, but you also now have the exciting opportunity to add that additional spark of love to their elopement.

An incredible way to make them feel cared for is by compiling a video of their loved ones wishing them a happy wedding day. Work alongside both families, coworkers, and different groups of friends to make sure that every single person that they’d want to hear from has the opportunity to send them a message. Receiving well wishes from everyone they wish could be there will be one of the highlights of this important day.

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A Cause for Celebration

There are endless ways to celebrate couples getting married and the love they share with one another in 2021. From virtual celebrations to at-home date nights, to even simply being a sounding board for wedding ideas - there are so many ways that you can help the bride-to-be in your life feel surrounded by love, even when we’re having to stay apart. If you’re looking for the perfect nuptial gift, explore NK IMODE’s bridal collection today. We’re sure to have the perfect piece of luxury to match their bridal style - see our entire collection here and let us know what you end up choosing!