How To Feel Confident In Lingerie

How To Be Confident In Lingerie

Nearly every day we are shown images of models and celebrities looking absolutely perfect in whatever they’re wearing. For many women, it can be difficult not to compare our own bodies to theirs. Perhaps we feel we are not tall enough, not thin enough or not curvy enough. Whatever feelings these images provoke, it is doubly hard to not feel them when seeing models in lingerie. Many of us think, incorrectly, that if we were to wear lingerie, it wouldn’t look good or that it would expose our perceived flaws. We at NK IMODE firmly believe that the right lingerie can be empowering and make the wearer feel confident and beautiful. Keep reading to learn how to be confident in lingerie with the following reminders and top tips.

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

It’s easy to get carried away by images of celebrities and models looking flawless. So easy, in fact, that we can be forgiven for forgetting about airbrushing and editing. Almost every image in the media has been edited and retouched to look perfect and make us average ladies feel worse about ourselves in order to compel us to buy whatever lotion, toner, or serum they’re trying to sell us in our pursuit of beautiful. Here’s what they don’t tell you: you’re already perfect. And so is the model in the photograph, even before they were airbrushed and photoshopped beyond recognition. Celebrity bodies are no different from our own–unless they’ve spent thousands on plastic surgery in their own pursuit of beauty. Really, it’s the system that is flawed, not our bodies. Celebrate the one you have and remember, not everyone has access to professional photographers and photo editors.

Top Tip: Treat yourself to a boudoir photoshoot in some quality lingerie. It’s a small investment with big return. Your photographer will help you find your best poses and angles and lightly touch up your images. Boudoir photoshoots provide a great boost of confidence during the shoot and leave you with sexy images you can look at whenever you need a reminder of how beautiful you are–or share them with someone special to really amplify your confidence.

The Power of Posing

Take a moment to scroll through our collections and look at the models. Notice how they are standing, how they position their legs, point their toes, and hold their arms. Look at celebrities on the red carpet and really focus on how they are standing. This goes beyond the notion of the “Power Pose” to make you feel more confident. These women are professionals who have learned how to enhance their best attributes in their poses and have a whole team of people behind them to help achieve that perfect shot.

Careful angles, staggering your stance, and even standing on tiptoe all help you look your best. Also, it’s worth noting that no one ever ate a big meal before a photoshoot–even the slimmest of humans will look a little rounder in the belly after a meal. Unless your plan is to work out and not eat all day before donning a sexy silk chemise for your significant other, cut yourself some slack (stomach grumbles aren’t sexy).

Top Tip: Put on your lingerie and stand in front of the biggest mirror you own so that you can see as much of yourself as possible. Play with different poses, being sure to emphasize your attributes, until you find some that you like and that make you feel confident. Remember, hardly anyone looks good standing in anatomical position, try turning your body, play with angles, and bend your arms and legs slightly while you practice your posing. 

Fake It Til You Make It

Here’s the thing about lingerie: it’s sexy and empowering. If you’re wearing it for another person, the last thing they’re seeing is the parts of you that you feel are imperfect. What they see is you feeling confident and looking gorgeous in the silk and lace you’re swathed in. You are an Enchantress and they are under your spell. Knowing this, it’s impossible not to feel confident. Capture that feeling and keep it your little secret by wearing lingerie under your clothing throughout the day. A silk camisole under a blouse, a lacy chemise under a dress, or even a matching bra and panty can make you feel gorgeous and arm you with confidence during the day. Keep the secret to yourself or share it with your significant other to fill them with anticipation for your next moment alone.

Top Tip: Practice by yourself first. Wear lingerie while you’re at home alone to get used to how it feels and how it makes you feel. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to try out a new style of outfit for the first time and lingerie is no exception. Get comfortable. Flirt with yourself in the mirror. When you’re ready, start small with a matching bra and panty set for the day. Even something simple goes a long way to boost your confidence.

You Look Great, Really

Always be true to your style. Lingerie is about expressing your sensual side and your creativity; it’s hard to be confident if you feel like you’re pretending to be someone you aren’t. If you’re not comfortable in a babydoll, perhaps you’re better suited for a camisole and tap pant or a long sleeved nightshirt. That’s why we offer a variety of styles for every level of comfort. And really, whether it’s a chemise or a long robe, nothing beats the feeling of silk against your skin. It’s luxurious, feminine, and makes you feel special in a way that inspires confidence. There’s a popular saying that states that the way to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on your body. It’s that simple, and we believe the same applies to lingerie. 

Whether you’re self-conscious about cellulite on your legs or a post-partum “mummy tummy”, you’ll be able to find a style that covers the areas you want to conceal while accentuating your assets. Remember, the trick to feeling confident in lingerie is not only in the style but in the fit and fabric that feels best to you. Lingerie from NK IMODE comes in many flattering fits and is always 100% high-quality silks that are breathable, temperature-regulating, and incredibly soft for sensitive skin. Feeling good is vital to feeling confident.

If you need help getting started, find out the best lingerie for your body type as a jumping off point. Remember: you are gorgeous exactly as you are–let NK IMODE’s collection of luxury loungewear and sophisticated lingerie enhance your natural beauty and feel more confident with who you are.