Combining Fashion & Sustainability: Our Sustainable Practices

Combining Fashion & Sustainability: Our Sustainable Practices

Many of the negative impacts of fast fashion on the environment can be attributed to fast fashion. Fast fashion involves large-scale factories, with poor working conditions, creating low-quality clothing to sell exclusively for profit. This negatively impacts the environment and adds excess clothing to the landfill. Fashion doesn’t have to be this way.

At NK IMODE, we’re proud to be a sustainable, “slow fashion” label. It isn’t enough to simply care about the environment; we want to make sure that every single component of our business is as sustainable as possible. NK IMODE is proof that you don’t have to compromise ethics and eco-friendly practices in creating high-quality, luxury garments.

With Earth Day arriving on April 22nd, we are proud to contribute to this day with our sustainable practices that have been a corner stone of our business for years.

Our Designs

Our brand prides itself in finding new ways to make our designs not only flattering and luxurious, but as sustainable as possible.

We’re proud to have accomplished this with our incredible Zero Waste Robe. Using optimal pattern efficiency, we designed a robe that uses every single piece of the fabric to create the garment. All of the silk fabric used in the garment is OEKO-TEX certified and biodegradable.  The result is a luxurious silk robe, with an unbelievably soft touch and handcrafted details, that doesn’t compromise on quality. The Zero Waste Robe symbolizes the sustainability that matters so much to us; we look forward to see how we can bring these innovations to future designs.

We also committed to designing multi-purpose pieces. Fast fashion makes people feel like they need a new, inexpensive piece of clothing for every occasion. With high-quality, versatile pieces, you don’t need to purchase something new for every occasion; you can feature your favorite pieces in a variety of different outfits.

Our Production Practices

Our silks offer more than flattering designs and impossibly soft fabrics. While you’re looking and feeling your best, you also have the peace of mind knowing that these pieces have been made with sustainable production practices.

One of the ways that we guarantee our production practices are sustainable are by having limited runs of each collection. This ensures that we aren’t unnecessarily using fabric, human labour or natural resources in the creation of our silks. It is important that each piece ends up in the wardrobe of someone who will love and treasure it for years to come.

Another way in which we ensure our products are as sustainable as possible is by only producing the highest quality of silks. Our garments are meant to last longer than a season. Investing in pieces that retain their quality for years helps to negate the effects of fast fashion.

When you’re ready to say goodbye to a beloved silk, you don’t have to worry about the fabric. All of our silks are made from 100% biodegradable materials. Our garments are timeless, but it is important that the mark that they make on the earth is simply how amazing they make you feel.

NK IMODE committed to ethically sourcing all of our fabrics, from silk to lace, that we use to craft loungewear and lingerie collections. Recently, our silk supplier was awarded an OEKO-TEX certification, which signifies that fabric is produced without chemicals that negatively affect the wearer and the environment. You can learn more about this certification here.

Our Packaging

Receiving a much-awaited parcel in the mail is thrilling. What isn’t as exciting is having to get through layers of plastic and unnecessary wrapping. At NK IMODE, we believe in an unwrapping experience that’s almost as enjoyable for you, and the earth, as it is slipping into that long-awaited silk garment for the first time.

Anyone who has received an order from us can tell you – we put a lot of care into our packaging. Reducing the waste that comes from the package is important to us. This is why we use recycled paper gift tags. We also remove the polybags from our packaging to recycle. Polybags are plastic slips that many businesses will use when shipping online orders.

The boxes that your garment arrives in are not only beautiful, but they are reusable. We’ve seen them upcycled in many different creative ways – for keeping treasured cards from family and friends to displaying collections of sunglasses and jewelry. You can also use them to store your silks, giving you the thrill of unboxing every time you put on your favourite piece.

Experience Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion doesn’t need to be difficult; there are many small changes that you can make to shift to a more sustainable wardrobe. From thrift shopping to shopping from sustainable brands, you can curb the influences of fast fashion.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, we recommend learning more about slow fashion through the following influencers:

  • Alyssa Beltempo, a stylist who is committed to collaborating with sustainable brands and showing others how easy it can be to start making sustainable differences in your life. You can find her on Instagram at @msbeltempo, or explore her workshops to make slow fashion a part of your life.
  • Jen Brownlie, of The Sustainable Edit, is great for any interior design enthusiast or those who want to take their sustainability journey beyond slow fashion. She makes green beauty and slow fashion choices accessible, while sharing how she keeps her home environmentally-friendly on Instagram @jen. brownlie.
  • Candice M. Tay is a champion of small businesses and living simply. She is always looking for creative, slow fashion options to add to her capsule wardrobe. Find her on Instagram @candicemtay and make sure to check our her Sustainable Brand Directory.
  • Verena Erin, of My Green Closet, shows us all how to bring sustainability into our closets and every other part of our lives. Check out her Instagram @verenaerin and download her Quit Fast Fashion eBook

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