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June 03, 2015

Your big day has finally arrived and you took care of the essentials like the dress, the shoes, the bouquet, and the accessories. However you might be missing some important details to help you look extra dazzling on your Wedding Day. Have no fear! We took care of that for you.

1. Look Your Best All Day!

One of the wisest decisions is to enjoy your Wedding Day! Enjoying yourself is the key to looking fresh throughout the day, and by the evening you will still be the most gorgeous bride!

2. Laughing Is Sexy!

Nothing is more attractive than having a great time together!

3. Always Remember To Have Fun!

Dancing and mingling together with your guests is fun and a flirty way to stay connected with each other throughout the day.

4. Do Not Skip The Meal!

Having energy is imperative to guarantee an unforgettable Wedding Night, keep your energy levels up with the meal! And don’t skip out on the cake!

5. Get Your Flirt On!

Don’t forget to flirt with each other. It is important to pay attention to each other throughout the day and leading up to the Wedding Night.

6. Now That The Two Of You Are Alone...

Try either a vintage style chemise or for some extra lift try a bust-support camisole or chemise.

Lavender or Blue pastels are always a good idea. You will feel and look ever so feminine!

Why not slip on a suggestive silk georgette robe? It will leave little to the imagination.

One of the best ways to sizzle in the bedroom: slip into Ivory silk with delicate lace details. 

7. Surprise Your Partner With A Show

Once you have your lingerie all figured out, think of some sensual ways you will be taking it off. Remember to take it slow and always have fun!


Bonus Tip: The absolute best way to sizzle in and out of the bedroom on your Wedding Day and for the rest of your lives together is to say I LOVE YOU every day!