Building a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

5 Eco-Friendly Fashion Tips for a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe

Sustainability, slow fashion, and minimalism are rising in popularity year after year as more of us start shifting from cheap, poorly made garments and begin investing in ourselves and our wardrobes with high-quality, timeless pieces that will last for years to come. Sustainable wardrobes consist of clothing and accessories that are produced, used, and disposed of in ways that minimize their environmental impact while also considering ethical fashion practices and longevity. 

A capsule wardrobe consists of versatile, high-quality essentials that can be mixed and matched throughout the year, reducing the need for excessive shopping and encouraging conscious consumption. A minimal wardrobe maximizes creativity in styling and accessorizing creating a more distinct and personalized style while lowering your environmental footprint.

While your first step to creating the perfect sustainable capsule wardrobe will be to evaluate what’s currently in your wardrobe, we’ve got five actionable tips and great benefits to help you get started.


1. Quality Over Quantity

Like many things, the quality of your pieces matters much more than the quantity. Any garments from sustainable brands or high-quality pieces you love should be held onto, including anything you wear regularly. When purchasing new clothing, opt for pieces that are durable and long-lasting. This doesn’t mean choosing stiff, unyielding fabrics either, as options like silk are very durable when properly cared for. You’ll also want to look for timeless, classic styles that never fall out of fashion. While it’s nice to follow the trends, some won’t last long which isn’t sustainable. Being thoughtful with your purchases ensures you’re finding pieces you’ll love for a long time.

NK IMODE is committed to producing long-lasting garments made with durable, environmentally friendly fabrics like silk and Lyocell/Cupro. These fabrics are bio-degradable and will enter seamlessly into nature’s cycle at the end of their lifespan. Our packaging is fully recyclable with 100% recyclable mailers, boxes, and uncoated cardboard garment tags. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability


2. Versatility and Mix-&-Match

The beauty of having a sustainable capsule wardrobe is the ability to mix and match your outfits for maximum versatility and creativity. Wearing a piece multiple ways increases the number of times you’ll wear a piece and encourages creativity for styling the same piece multiple ways. This leads to a more unique and personalized style and reduces the time spent getting ready each day. 

For example, a Morgan chemise from NK IMODE can function as a chemise for lounging in or be part of a complete outfit including a blazer, skinny jeans, and heeled boots. Short kimonos and wrap jackets make excellent blazers in warmer weather, while every piece from the Kacey collection easily doubles as pieces that can be worn beyond the sheets. For more styling tips for wearing your silk garments everywhere, visit our style blog.


3. Conscious Consumption

Once you’ve got your basic staples for your sustainable capsule wardrobe, what is next? Do you never shop again? Not quite. While you can still add sustainable pieces to your wardrobe, the overall goal of conscious consumption is to adopt more mindful shopping habits. While it’s fun to browse the latest fashions, think carefully about each piece before deciding to buy things. Buy what you need and avoid impulse purchases. If you’re the type that goes shopping because you enjoy the little dopamine rush of a new purchase, consider directing that habit to a small snack or bath product you’ll use right away. Or, save the money you might otherwise spend in a jar until you have enough to buy one sustainable splurge piece, like a gorgeous silk pj set

In our efforts to assist with conscious consumption here at NK IMODE, we produce two seasonal collections per year in limited runs of silk, cupro, and rescued stock materials. We also offer a Zero Waste Robe that uses every piece of fabric needed for the pattern, leaving no scraps wasted.  


4. Care and Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, silk can be incredibly durable and long-lasting if cared for properly. In fact, most of your clothes can have a much longer life if you take a little time to learn how best to care for each type of fabric rather than throwing everything into the washer after it’s been worn once. For example, according to Levi’s, you should only wash your denim once every ten wears and spot-clean any obvious dirt. With wool, unless you’ve spilled something on it, you can hang out your woolen garments to air as it is naturally self-cleaning. For the most part, unless visibly dirty or stained, most of your clothes can be worn a few times before needing to be washed which will help prolong their lives. When it is time to do a load of laundry, the most eco-friendly practice is to wash in cold water. Hang dry items that cannot go in the dryer or may shrink, and tumble dry the rest of your items on a low setting. 

For silks, we recommend filling your sink with cold water and using a mild soap to wash your garments by hand. Rinse your silks, refill the sink, and add a teaspoon of white vinegar to help wash out any soap residue left behind. You may then dry your silks by laying them flat on a clean towel or hanging them. For full instructions on caring for your silks, click here.

Sustainable Capsule Wardrobes are Always in Style

By creating a sustainable capsule wardrobe, you’re helping contribute to lower carbon emissions, minimizing water usage, and decreasing the waste associated with fast fashion. In addition to saving money and space in your closet, you’ll be supporting brands that prioritize fair labour practices, better working conditions, and fair wages for garment workers. Unleashing your creativity with your mix-and-match pieces will not only help set your style, you’ll be setting trends for change and inspiring others to adopt more exo-conscious practices. 

One thing that is always worth investing in is sustainable silk loungewear. Made to last, a matching silk set, robe, or chemise allows for the best comfort while feeling your most luxurious. At NK IMODE, we are committed to sustainably creating loungewear that will make you feel your best for years to come. Explore our entire collection of loungewear essentials or make an appointment with our personal shopper to find the perfect garment for your capsule wardrobe.