A Gentleman's Guide to Lingerie

Welcome to your easy step-by-step guide to help you purchase the perfect lingerie gift for your sweetheart.

Gentleman Tip #1:

First, you need to know your honey's size. Put your detective hat on and open those lingerie drawers. Check the labels to find the size. The bra will have a number and a letter. The number is the band size, which is the length around the torso and the letter is the cup size (example. 30D). The panty size might range from XS to XL.

If you have heard your sweetie's complaint of being uncomfortable or bra straps falling off, you may want to consider bust support lingerie that delivers maximum comfort and support levels. For more information check out our "Bust Support" chart.

Gentleman Tip #2: Style and Occasion

It can be confusing when there are many different names and styles of lingerie. We broke it down for you so you can determine which styles best suits your special someone.

Camisole: This is a short, sleeveless top with shoulder straps. It can be paired with tap pants, pajama bottoms, or panties.

Tap Pant: These are shorts that are comfortable and chic. Pair with a matching camisole and your honey will not only look great, but more importantly feel relaxed.

Chemise: This is a short dress/night gown. Something that is easy, flirty, and fun.

Baby doll: A Baby Doll is sexy and flirty because it is an even shorter version of a chemise. It has more of an ooh-la-la appeal ;)

Robe: A robe is worn over lingerie and offers quick modesty should there be little ones around -especially if you have your eye on a baby doll.

Long Gown: A gown is like a long dress that is elegant and dramatic and can make anyone feel like a princess.

The occasion plays a factor when deciding on style. For instance, if you are celebrating Valentine`s day, we suggest a sheer baby doll that will heat up the special moment. If you want to give the gift of eternal love on a birthday or anniversary, choose something timeless, such as a matching camisole and tap pant or a chemise. Whatever the occasion may be, the most important thing is that your sweetie will be delighted, comfortable, and appreciative that you picked out the style especially for them.

Gentleman Tip #3: Colour Choice

The simplest solution is to choose their favourite colour. Your significant other will love you for knowing them so well and be charmed by the gesture. Or open those lingerie drawers again to see what your honey likes. Does their overall colour theme include bright and sassy colours, dark and mysterious colours, or do they shy away and stick to neutrals and pastel tones? If you stick to their lingerie personality you are sure to please them.

Impress your loved one even more by picking a colour that flatters their skin tone:


Celebrity References


Skin Tone


Jessica Alba and Beyoncé

yellowish, greenish, or light brown

warm skin tone

honey, olive, coral, and cream

Lupita Nyong-o and Nicole Kidman

pink, rosy, or blue

cool skin tone

bright blue, lavender, rose, and gray

Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts

gray or ashen

neutral skin tone

medium blue, jade, red, or white

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