A Gentleman's Guide to Buying Lingerie

Welcome! You want to buy lingerie for your sweetheart but feel lost in this world of lace, frill, and multiple styles. Fear not! Let us help you create special moments and gift her the perfect luxurious silk. You’ll both experience a WOW moment!


You need to know her size.

Grab a pen and paper and look in her lingerie drawer.

First, check her bra size. The label will have a number. This is the band size around her torso. The letter on the label is the cup size. Now look at her panties; the size can be from XS-XXL.

You may have heard some moaning and groaning about being uncomfortable or bra straps slipping off. The best solution might be our bust support lingerie. It delivers maximum comfort and support for her best sleep yet. She’ll wake up feeling amazing and will have you to thank for that! Check out our blog post Why Wear Bust Support Sleepwear and NK iMODE’s Bust Support Levels.


Camisole? What? Chemise? Huh?

Your head may be spinning with all the various names and styles -who knew there were so many words to describe styles of lingerie? Let us explain these for you:


This is a sleeveless top with shoulder straps.
It can be paired with tap pants, pajama bottoms or panties.

Tap Pant:

These are a pair of lingerie shorts that are comfortable and chic.
Typically worn with a matching camisole -your honey will not only look great, she will feel comfortable and relaxed.


This is a short dress/night gown. It is easy, flirty, and fun. She’ll feel confident all day and night while she’s wearing it with you.


A robe can come in different lengths and is a cover-up that offers modesty should there be little ones around -especially if you have your eye on something sheer.

Long Gown:

A long gown is a full-length nightwear dress that is elegant and dramatic and can make anyone feel like a princess.


An all-in-one piece for top and bottom. It is typically loose-fitting giving it a comfortable and flirty vibe.


A bralette is a bra without wires or molded cups. Make it simple and pair it with matching cheeky briefs for a completely innocent but alluring look.


Camisole? What? Chemise? Huh?

Ask yourself what occasion you are buying lingerie for: is it for her Birthday?
Valentine`s? Anniversary? …or a surprise to show how much she means to you?

Let the occasion influence your final style choice and this knowledge will impress your darling.


Give the gift of longevity. Buy her something that is timeless that she can wear on any occasion, or for no occasion for that matter! We suggest a chemise or a matching camisole and tap pant set.

Odessa Chemise


Serena teddy


Valentine's Day

Love and romance, a special day. Show her how much you desire her and that she is beautiful inside and out. Think of a sheer and playful chemise which will make you both happy -trust us!

Paloma Camisole


Annabella Chemise


Desiree Chemise



This is the big one and you want to make sure you get it just right. A silk that will last forever, just like your love is exactly what she needs. 

Celebrate your everlasting love by choosing a long gown to express to her just how beautiful you find her each and every day.

Gilda Gown


Estrella Kimono


Gypsy Gown



How very sweet of you! A surprise out of the blue can be just what she needs (and scores you some points). This gift could be anything that may be missing in her lingerie drawer. A robe that she can wear with any of her pieces is a great idea. Alternatively, a pair of silk pajamas will help her sleep soundly all-night long. And boy do they look good in the morning

Lucky Kimono


Wild Rose PJs


Morgan Robe



What’s her favourite colour?

Be your sweetheart’s favourite person by picking her favourite colour. You cannot go wrong with this tip because she will most likely wear it all the time, knowing the thought behind the gift and that you know her so well. Dig a little deeper and again, take a look inside her lingerie drawer. Do you spot bright colours and patterns, dark and mysterious colours, or is the selection filled with neutral and soft pastels? Knowing this vital information will help you in making the right choice.

If you want to go above and beyond, look at her skin tone.

Colours for a warm skin tone

If her skin undertone is a yellowish, greenish, or light brown then her skin tone is warm. If her skin tone resembles the likes of Jessica Alba and Beyoncé, play around with colours like honey, olive, coral, and cream.

Colours for a cool skin tone

If her skin undertone looks pink, rosy, or blue then she has a cool skin tone. Celebrities that have a cool skin tone are Nicole Kidman and Lupita Nyong-o. Colours like bright blue, lavender, rose, and gray will make her skin glow.

Colours for a neutral skin tone

If her skin undertone looks gray or ashen, then she has a neutral skin tone. Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts are perfect examples. Explore colours like medium blue, jade, red, and white to highlight her skin tone to the fullest effect.

Images and more information from: http://www.thelist.com/20621/best-clothing-colors-skin-tone/


No one can resist opening a gift that is beautifully wrapped. Make sure that your gift looks just as good as what is inside the package. Most likely, the sales person or company will have it gift wrapped for you. All NK iMODE purchases are shipped already gift wrapped in elegant boxes. And don’t forget we are happy to add a personal card with your message!


See what other returning male clients are saying about us:

“My wife LOVED the garment - and really felt pampered for Valentines Day. She admired the quality of fabric and detail.”
–Julian B. UK

“We received it in time for Christmas and she loved her new Morgan Iconic Chemise so much that she is requesting another style for upcoming Valentine's Day!!”
-Dave M. USA


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