Eleonora M.

This is a very beautiful chemise of a deep red color. Unlike other red underwear (where the color is often dark red or a lot darker) this color is really superb, it’s very rich and bright, but at the same time it’s not too loud and looks very classy. I have long blonde hair, but it would be great for a lady of any complexion. The piece itself is of a nice thickness too, the design (which makes it tighter around the waist and wider around the hips) is very flattering. It just about nicely covers all the unwanted curves but still looks very open and elegant. The thickness also is nice in a sense that it’s not too thin or transparent like some other lingerie, which creates a very put together look. Overall very happy with the purchase. It looks like one of the timeless pieces, and the red color just adds a new spark to this beautiful classy look.