Upgrade Your Daily Work From Home Routine

Upgrade Your Daily Work From Home Routine

In the past year, many of us made the quick transition to working in an office to working remotely. In 2021, many businesses have given their employees the option of staying in their home office, either permanently or on a part-time basis. Your home is where you go to relax; your work-from-home experience should allow you that same relaxation throughout the day.

If you’re working from home, you have a unique opportunity to establish a daily routine that prioritizes self-care while also allowing you to be your most productive. Here are our top tips for upgrading your daily work from home routine.

Establish a Consistent Morning Routine

Before switching to remote work, you likey had a morning routine that prepared you for a day at the office. Maybe it was a pre-commute stretch session, or perhaps it was stopping at your favourite coffee shop along the way.

An established morning routine is just as important when working from home. In starting off each day with things that make you feel good, you’re increasing your chances of a stress-free work day that doesn’t spill over into your leisure time. 

What makes a routine good for you will vary based on your personal lifestyle and preferences. However, some important components to consider in your morning routine include:

  • Waking up at the same time every day. While you may have some more flexibility with your work schedule, and it's so tempting to sleep until five minutes before your first meeting, waking up at the same time each day actually helps you to enjoy a more restful sleep at the end of the day. Learn more about improving your quality of sleep here. 
  • It might be tempting to gulp down a giant cup of coffee in the morning, but caffeine can be dehydrating, which actually makes you feel more tired! Staying hydrated is key from morning to night; try drinking a glass of water alongside your morning coffee to stay balanced.
  • Remember your morning commute? Commuting time helps shift your mind from home mode to work mode. Long-time remote workers recommend creating a commute for yourself. Take a walk around the time you’d usually be heading to work to clear your mind and prepare for the day ahead.

Curate your Work-From-Home Environment

Having a designated space in your home for working is key to productivity and concentration. You have a space for sleeping, a space for cooking, a space for relaxing… your work area shouldn’t disrupt any of these beloved, and much needed, spaces.

Avoid keeping your work space in a busy area; instead, choose a space that is as decluttered and quiet as possible. . This will provide you with silence if you need it for productivity, while also allowing you to take video calls or listen to music without being disruptive to any other household members. 

You’ll want to create an office-like environment. While working on the couch in front of the TV can seem cozy and relaxing, this increases the chances of over-working when you don’t separate your work zone from the relaxation zone. Hunching over a laptop on the coffee table isn’t good for your body either; investing in a good office chair and desk both improves your quality of work while reducing back and neck strain.

Don’t forget to make your workspace your own! Spice up your desk and surrounding area with decor that makes you feel good and expresses your personality. Think of it as another area of your home to take pride in. There are many local businesses that sell a variety of art prints, mugs, and other curiosities to make the space your own; one of our favorites is Bird on a Wire. Another way to upgrade your space is by adding plants, which add color, life, and have been proven to reduce stress. Learn more about becoming a “plant parent” and find the best plant for your space at Plant Therapy.

Dress for Success

One of the best things about working from home is the versatility when it comes to your personal style. Some long-time remote workers find they work best in their pyjamas, while others swear that business-ready attire makes them more productive. Why shouldn’t you have both?

At NK IMODE, we believe in something called ‘Above the Keyboard Dressing’. Our silks are both presentable enough for your Zoom meetings and one-on-ones with your team while also giving you that easy comfort that makes your work day as stress-free as possible. Some of our favorite work-from-home garments include:

  • A sophisticated silk robe. An everyday essential, the innovative Zero Waste Robe comes in three classic shades to match any of your favorite loungewear or business casual outfits. For all your important meetings, the Mischa Front Tie Blazer robe provides the look of a blazer with the relaxation of a robe.
  • A matching set that combines put-together, professional style with the best in comfort. We love working in the Mischa Hi-Lo Deep Scoop Tank with the Mischa Lace Trousers for style that goes beyond the sheets. 
  • A luxurious slip that makes you feel glamorous on those days where you just need a little extra pick-me-up, while still needing relaxation. Why not try the Mischa Fluted Half Slip with the Mischa Lace Cut Out Cami? Paired with your favorite blazer, this outfit will be stunning for in-person meetings in the future!
  • On those days where you’ve decided to treat yourself to working in bed, a silk nightshirt is presentable above the keyboard while extending those cozy vibes. Sink back into the sheets in the Dylan Urban Nightshirt. 

Whether you can’t wait to get back into the office one day, or you could picture yourself running a business empire from home, establishing a routine that prioritizes comfort in your daily life is important. At NK IMODE, we believe in creating garments that provide the best in comfort and confidence for all of your essential routines, from the work day and beyond. Explore our collection and find the silk garments that upgrade your daily routine here.