Secrets to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep through your Five Senses… 10 Tips to Sleep Better at Night

Secrets to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep through your Five Senses… 10 Tips to Sleep Better at Night

Do you ever toss and turn at night wishing you could just fall asleep already? There could be many factors why you’re not getting the beauty sleep you so richly deserve. Maybe you are wired from a busy day or simply feel uncomfortable with the nightwear you have on. Having a good night’s sleep is not only essential to promote heart health and sharpen attentive span, it helps reduce stress and depression risk while assisting in weight maintenance.

Relaxing your five senses can be the key to finally achieving a heavenly night’s sleep. We’ve got some secrets up our silk sleeves that we’re excited to share with you…so read on! 😉


How Light Affects Sleep

Turn off the lights! The same way you prepare your body for sleep, prepare your room for a restful night. Make sure all your lights are turned off and if you need to have lights on before bed, use dimmable bulbs, which is easier on your eyes. Investing in a silk eye mask feels luxurious on your skin and can ensure a deeper darkness. Avoid your electronics at least one hour before going to bed. These bright lights are especially harmful because of the high concentrations of blue light.


Music that Helps You Sleep

Selecting and listening to your favourite soft and relaxing playlist can improve the quality of your beauty sleep. The University of Health News Daily mentioned one study found that “45 minutes of music at bedtime for three weeks resulted in longer sleep duration, shorter time to fall asleep, higher perceived sleep quality and less daytime dysfunction.” It acts on the central nervous system and has anti-anxiety affects.

Here is the ultimate sleep-better playlist that Fitness recommends that will make you drift off. Helpful tips are to choose music you know, opt for songs that have a slow and stable rhythm, and use a sleep timer so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night.

Bring on Ed Sheeran’s angelic voice, we won’t complain!


Foods that Help you Sleep

If you get the urge to have a bedtime snack, avoid the Haagen-Dazs ice cream, and opt for a few of our favourite foods that conveniently help you snooze. Eating Well gives 9 Foods to Help you Sleep. Our favourite being Kiwis; they are not only deliciously sweet, they contain Vitamins C and E, serotonin and folate -the perfect mix to go to bed with a satisfied stomach. Another enjoyable bedtime food is yogurt which has a good dose of calcium and you can customize it by adding fruit and granola. A simple bite to satisfy bedtime cravings are bananas, rich in potassium and has Vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin. Never go to bed hungry and at the same time guarantee a restful night!


Essential Oils to Help Sleep

There’s all sorts of prescription medication that you can take to have a better sleep but often it comes with grogginess in the morning and other negative side effects. Instead, natural ways are better for your body and have multiple benefits. According to the Organic Aromas experts, the top 3 essential oils to help you sleep are lavender oil, ylang ylang oil, and frankincense oil. Lavender Oil causes relaxation and assists with insomnia. Ylang Ylang oil has a flowery scent that helps release tension and anxiety. And Frankincense oil balances the mind and calms you, so you can sleep peacefully.



Receiving cuddles is the most natural and underrated secret to going to sleep well-rested and happy, we promise you! Snuggle up to your sweetheart and your body will release oxytocin that helps you relieve stress and brings you closer to your partner. Here, we didn’t make it up. 😉

Best Sleepwear for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sometimes what you sleep in, or not sleep in can make all the difference to feel relaxed and ready for a deep slumber. A material that is soft to the touch, comfy, and breathable are the factors that make for ideal sleepwear. Here are our top picks…

Luxurious Silk

Not only does silk make you feel like a queen, it is also hypoallergenic and is perfectly adaptable to the climate -keeping you cool during the summer, and warm during the winter. The fluidity of silk is a treat on your skin and we promise it is better than any lover 😉

Comfy Cotton

Do you ever have the toughest time trying to sleep on a hot summer’s night? You turn on your fans or open your windows wide, but nothing seems to work. Sometimes it’s what is closest on your body that can be part of the solution. Slipping into a cotton nightie or camisole and tap pant set is not only comfortable but it is a breathable fabric that transmits moisture away from the body. The fabric is absorbent allowing you a restful night’s sleep. Take a cue from Desmond & Dempsey which carries luxury cotton sleepwear with exclusive prints hand-painted in London and inspired by Sunday adventures.

Breathable Linen

Linen nightwear is a durable fabric, a piece that you’ll have in your nightwear drawers for a long time. The anti-cling and anti-static fabric makes it the perfect sleepwear companion. The fabric allows airflow, keeping it away from the skin -that’s why PJs and breezy nighties are the most popular in this material. The Sleep Shirt carries some airy linen nightshirts and nighties, designed to be comfortable in bed and as loungewear.

If you’re not only looking to treat your body right before bed but also your mind, try following these mindful secrets…

Mindful Secrets

Just for you, we’ll spill the secrets of a few bonus tips that are not only good for the mind, but for your soul. ♥

Eliminate Stressful Activities

Isn’t it exasperating that we often have a clear and calm mind during the day and then we find ourselves lying in bed with our thoughts all in a bind? Make a conscious decision to reserve an hour before bedtime for relaxation and calm thoughts only, as this will help you prep you for a good night’s sleep. Training your mind to relax will make your body follow suit.

Gratitude Meditation before Bed

Go through today’s events and recall at least three instances where you felt gratitude. It can be something as simple as admiring the beautiful weather or savouring your morning coffee. If you want to take it a step further, write them down in a journal; when you are having a rough day, you’ll be amazed how reading these past gratitude moments will make your day brighter. 

What’s your favourite tip for having a good night’s sleep? We’d love to hear from you and for you to share in the comments below!

With Love,