Self-Care Tips for Travellers

Self-Care Tips for Travellers

Are you ready to fulfill your wanderlust? You’re so excited to take a break from your daily routine and start your well-deserved vacation.  It’s thrilling to explore new places, meet interesting people, and to simply have fun. It can be stressful when you only have a certain amount of time and want to fit in as many activities as you can. Fear not, we break down helpful tips that will allow you to de-stress and take a moment, whether you are a solo traveller, on a romantic getaway, or jet-setting with your besties. It is important to practice self-care for the sake of yours and everyone’s well-being, allowing you to make the most out of your getaway. Vacay here we come!
Read on to discover our favourite travelling self-care tips…

Start your Morning off Right

The notion is that you have to always be on-the-go when you’re on vacation. You want to see as much as you can in a limited period. This can be exhausting, especially if you want to visit all the sights. Have you considered setting aside one day where you can sleep in and take your time preparing for the day? Either make this commitment with yourself or communicate with your fellow travel companions and relish the getaway bliss as you wake up feeling revitalized. This helps you enjoy your time even more as you are refreshed and excited to start your days adventure.

But don’t stop there…

Meditation can be the key to reduce stress as you’re rushing about. It’s a great way to start the day and has many health benefits. You can download The Mindfulness App which you’re able to personalize your meditation experience and it keeps you on track. Or opt for The Headspace App, it’s a great tool for people just starting out. There is a buddy system for you and your friends to encourage each other to continue. Forbes How Meditation Will Help You Cope With Travel Madness states “when you create stability and a sense of happiness and fulfillment, the beauty of being in a remarkable place is magnified.” Everyone mediates in different ways; Sonima 4 Reasons You Should Meditate When You Travel suggests “watch the waves crash into shore, notice how the sun feels on your skin, and breathe in the warm, salty air” or combine meditation with something you’d be doing anyway like during riding the bus. These reflective moments increase happiness and self-awareness, perfectly in-line with our next self-care tip…

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Be in the Moment

Everybody loves to be in the moment, right? Just think, you will never have the present time again and you can soak in so much more if you are truly mindful of your surroundings. We recommend staying off your phone or resisting the urge to post on social media while you’re discovering the wondrous sights around you. If you make this commitment as a group, it is easier to stick with your intention as you’re in it together! Strike up a conversation with the locals and find out more about what makes the place unique. This is not to say attempt a complete social media freeze; but perhaps save it for when you’re back in your hotel room. 

The moment is all yours, seize it!

Dance the Night Away

Not only is dancing fun, it improves your mental health and is an excellent cardio workout. Harvard Medical School Dancing and the Brain states “Dance, in fact, has such beneficial effect on the brain that it is now being used to treat people with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive neurological movement disorder.” It can be any kind of dance you want to try, whether it be salsa or your own free-style at the local hang out. Try downloading SalZoom to guide your passion for salsa music and dance. Find the best places to dance and learn in any city of the world. Exploring the local scenes solo or with your travel partners is one of the best ways to get to know the culture and way of life of the residents.

Of if you’re feeling shy, create a mini dance party in your room as you’re getting ready. You can download playlists from Spotify to play offline so you don’t have to worry about using data. Make sure to plan ahead and download the songs before you leave for your trip to save on data and time. 😉

Now show us your moves and don’t forget to…

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

This self-care tip is a necessity! We tend to forget to hydrate because we’re always on the move. Underground Health Reporter Fact or Myth: Drinking Water Flushes Toxins from Your Body reports “Truth: drinking water flushes toxins from your body” and “allows your kidneys to filter toxins, helps your cells take in nutrients and remove waste, and transports nutrients to every organ in your body” -everything you need to power on throughout your trip. It’s an absolute must to keep a water bottle on hand; better yet, bring your own from home. Find the closest water fountain near you to refill and quench your thirst. There’s an app called WeTap that shows you the closest location and allows users to add or modify information about public drinking fountains -how clever is that?

Your body will thank you.

Live Like the Locals

Find a local host or Airbnb (with a kitchen space 😉) where you are likely to have a more enriching travel experience. Your host will be able to show you around and you can learn what their everyday life would be like.

Who doesn’t like a home cooked meal? Make your own as a meal away from home or who knows, maybe your host will treat you to an authentic meal. Make use of your cooking accommodations and try a local recipe, one that you can take back home and impress your friends with. Shop and use ingredients like a local and spend time at the surrounding markets, purchasing ingredients to cook up a storm. You’ll be proud of yourself by exploring a different cuisine and doing it like the locals do.

Bon appetite!

Keep a Travel Journal

Taking a few minutes after each day and documenting your experiences is the chance to look back and reminisce about all your adventures. Either invest in a travel size journal or use your phone as a digital journaling tool. The Day One App works for iOS and Android and is useful for quick journal entries in a simple to use interface. It offers numerous features such as adding metadata (location, weather, step count), or tagging entries with hashtags; everything you need to remember your full travel experience. These journaling moments give you a time to reflect on the days’ events and all that you accomplished. If you like to get crafty, it is worthwhile to collect small tokens throughout the day, such as ticket stubs or souvenirs, to later be used in a travel scrapbook.



Totally Pampered

Why not treat yourself? One of the best times is on vacation because your body is exposed to different surroundings. It can be relaxing not only for your body, but for your well-being to make yourself feel good inside and out. Head to the local salon for a blow-out, facial, or a much-needed massage. Download The Vagaro App which features 6000 salons and spas located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. If you’re traveling outside of these countries, ask the Concierge or your host for their recommendations and give yourself a little R and R -you deserve it!

If you’re with your besties, everyone can pack a few self-care items from home, such as nail polish, face masks, and moisturizing lotion, you can all share the love with each other. Have an in-room pampering session with the girls, which is also a way to socialize and go over the plans for the day. You can also check out the local spa and see if you can book a pampering party -a more luxurious way to self-care with your girls.

Lastly, everyone wearing an eye mask (we recommend a silk one 😉) at bedtime will whisk you all away to sweet dreams in no time.

Take on Challenges

Imagine the one activity you would be disappointed in if you didn’t get to attempt it on your trip. Maybe it’s learning the local dance style or conquering your fear of skydiving. If you’re with a partner or group, stronger relationships are created when you achieve something together. Discuss something you all want to accomplish on the trip. Perhaps it’s completing a tough hike or trying the local cuisine.

Bringing yourselves out of your comfort zones can reap many rewards and gives you a sense of triumph. Life Hacker, The Science of Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone (and Why You Should) emphasizes breaking free and trying new experiences can increase productivity, provide comfort in dealing with unexpected changes, and harness your creativity. Who new travelling would have so many benefits?!

After you’ve accomplished your goals, it’s time to…

Reflect on the Memorable Moments

If you’re travelling solo, go for a stroll around the neighbourhood on your last day and think back on the adventure you just had. If exploring with your sweetie or besties, set time aside and go for a meal together and celebrate your journey. Go around the table and let each person describe their best experience from the trip. Take in the moment together and reminisce how you have shared life’s experiences with the ones that you love. This last hurrah can be what you all need to make it one of the best trips you’ve ever had! 



What is your favourite self-care tip from this article? What tips can you recommend for fellow travellers out there? Let us know in the comments below.