Lingerie Shower Party Ideas and How to Celebrate in Style

Lingerie Shower Party Ideas and How to Celebrate in Style

A lingerie shower is a fun, unique twist on a traditional bridal party or shower. It’s a simple, elegant concept: guests ‘shower’ the bride with gifts of – you guessed it - lingerie. It’s a wonderful way to cherish a bride while building intimacy and closeness with friends and family.

A lingerie shower can be a stand-alone event, especially if the bride has a large group of family and friends, or it can be one of several celebrations. It offers a lovely way to roll up a bridal shower and bachelorette party into one event, either through changing locations a few hours in, or simply hosting one terrifically fun shindig.(If the lingerie shower is occurring as a separate event in conjunction with either or both a bridal shower and a bachelorette party, just make sure to keep the guest lists relatively distinct to reduce guest/gift fatigue.)

Here’s a simple seven-step look at hosting a lingerie shower, complete with all the resources needed to hold a beautiful and memorable event. Plus, a complete checklist with bonus advice at the end.


When and Where?

Schedule a lingerie shower in the same approximate timeframe as a standard bridal shower, or bachelorette party. That can mean anywhere from a few days to a month or two in advance of the wedding. Most commonly, lingerie showers are held in someone’s home to make both bride and guests feel as festive and relaxed as possible. It’s a lot more fun to unwrap frilly things in a private space than a loud restaurant.

Lingerie Shower Evite Tips

Whether you choose paper or e-invites, or to go through social media such as Facebook or Twitter, make sure to let your guests know that it’s a lingerie-themed party. Set the tone with a fun poem or frilly invitation, and then list all the pertinent facts of date, time, location, appropriate attire and gifts. Fun variations on a lingerie shower can include asking guests to come in pajamas, or all white, or any other similar dress code. Whatever the particular flavour of the lingerie party, both guests and bride will have a wonderful time and a memory they will treasure.

Of course, all the guests will need to know the bride’s approximate sizes. You can include this information in the invitation, especially on a separate paper inset. It's best though to convey this more discreetly and directly to each guest.  The host or the bride’s maid/matron of honour is the perfect person to contact each guest and let them know the bride’s size.

Where to find it— For fun printable invitations, check out If you’re interested in an e-vite, try adapting these delightful free bridal shower templates from

Lingerie Shower Gift Ideas

The gifts will focus on lingerie, of course, but there are many possible ways to delight every gift-giver as well as the bride. Consider a color theme for gifts (white is great, but maybe the bride loves pink, or black!). Other possible themes to guide guests in purchasing gifts might include Honeymoon, Date Night, Elegant Evenings or perhaps simply suggest “something silky” on the invitation.

Where to find it— For a few examples and ideas, look to our Bridal collection as well as our collections of Babydolls. Also, you may like Best lingerie for your body type advice.

Lingerie Shower Decorations and Themes

We’ve touched on a few possible themes already, but there are so many to choose from! It can be as simple as a color, or more elaborate, such as Paris in the Spring or Tropical Island Vacation. Branch out even further with a burlesque or Vegas theme. All it takes is some themed tableware, cushions, tablecloths and a little mood lighting using paper lanterns or candles.

Where to find it— Party supply stores often have entire sections devoted to bridal or bachelorette parties. They’re a great way to get inspired. For ideas, look at or

Lingerie Shower Game Ideas that Liven up the Party

Games are the perfect way to break the ice, entertain guests, and enliven your party. Lingerie shower games take traditional bridal shower or bachelorette games and add a fun, sexy twist. Here are a few ideas:

—Have each guest bring as a gift a pair of underwear that expresses their personality. Hang them on a line and challenge guests to guess who brought what. Reveal all at the end, and let the bride keep the panties!

—Create a Bingo sheet featuring words like “honeymoon,” “wedding,” “sexy,” “newlywed,” etc. As people hear the words throughout the party, cross them off on the Bingo sheet. The first person to hear all the words wins a prize.

—Bake plain cookies or cupcakes and provide frosting and decorations for your guests to use to create their own delicious works of art.

—Set out a guestbook for guests to write advice to the newlyweds. The advice can be serious or funny; the couple will cherish the thoughts and well-wishes from their friends and family.

Where to find it— For more terrific ideas for lingerie shower games, check out Bridal Shower Games that are Cute and Classy.

Lingerie Shower Menu and Treats

To figure out an ideal menu, ask the bride what her favorite treats and drinks are, and then consider your theme. Gravitate towards easy finger foods, and single serving nibbles like mini-quiches, cupcakes, and skewers and you’ll be all set. A Paris-themed party practically demands cheese and baguettes, whereas a tropical-inspired event leans to fruit and Mai Tais.

On that note, one simple way to take your event to the next level is to develop a signature drink for the party, whether it’s a cocktail or a mocktail. It can be the bride’s favorite mixed drink, or you can consult with your favorite bartender or mixology book for ideas. Give it a creative name, and serve in a festive glass.

Where to find it— Wedding Chicks provides a great list of suggested bachelorette drink recipes that can be easily adapted to a lingerie shower.

Lingerie Shower Outfit Ideas for the Bride

A lingerie shower is a wonderful time to dress the bride up so she’s the center of attention. Consider a sash, veil, tiara, novelty t-shirt, feather boa or all the above! As well as the bride, offer a few special touches for each guest. Hand every guest a rhinestone cocktail ring or tiara as they walk in the door. This will set a relaxed, festive tone right away.

Where to find it— Party stores are a great resource for party accessories as well as decorations. Another place to look is the costume jewelery section of a superstore like Target.

Now, all that’s left after your hard work is to enjoy the party. Just make sure someone writes down who gives which gifts so the bride is all set for Thank You notes later. Turn on the music, start the games, and have a wonderful time!