NK IMODE’s Bust-Support Sleepwear, Explained

NK IMODE’s Bust-Support Sleepwear, Explained

You have your own needs when it comes to any garment, much less one that is meant to provide support; one type of bust-support sleepwear is not enough. We have included three distinct levels of bust-support sleepwear because we know every woman’s body is different.

At NK IMODE, we are inspired by real women when we create each of our garments. We believe that no matter your body’s shape or size, you deserve luxurious and sustainable sleepwear that makes you feel your most sensational. From camisoles to chemises and long gowns, the right bust-support is essential for ensuring comfort and freedom of movement along with the style of the piece.

Because we know that everybody is different, and every woman has unique preferences, we pride ourselves in providing pieces with three different levels of high-quality bust support. Read on to learn more about what bust-support is, why it's important, and what bust-support may be right for you.


What Is Bust-Support?

Bust-support is, simply, the amount of support that a garment provides to the chest. Many of us, especially those with larger busts, have been subjected to supportive undergarments that are incredibly uncomfortable.

The reason our bust-support is so important to us is because we know how hard it is to relax wearing bras or tops with poking underwire, tough straps, and itchy fabric. We’ve provided a way to achieve the support that you crave with soft fabrics and gentle elastic for the ultimate in relaxation.


Why We Have Different Bust-Support Levels

Some women have bigger busts which may need more compression for their sleepwear. However, some prefer a more natural feeling. Other women want to make sure they always feel secure. You may even feel different from day to day, meaning that you need to change up your level of support while maintaining the same comfort. This is why options are so important.

We also know the importance of rest. Whether you’re sleeping or lounging on the couch, it can be distracting or uncomfortable when you aren’t held up in the way that you’d like to be. Our three support levels make it easy to fully relax and indulge whenever you’re in your sleepwear.


Bust-Support Levels Explained

NK IMODE has three different levels of bust-support sleepwear so anyone can choose the level that works for their body’s specific needs. Each of our three levels is available in a variety of different styles and garments so you can select the best style for you.

The three bust-support levels are:

  • Natural Bust-Support. Natural bust-support pieces are for those who don’t like any compression or additional lift around their bust. While natural bust-support pieces gently emphasize your natural curves, there is no built-in support. Enjoy the way your body feels with total freedom of movement.

Some of our most popular natural bust-support pieces include the Morgan Spaghetti Silk Chemise and the Dylan Urbane Silk Camisole.

  • Moderate Bust-Support. Embrace fabulous comfort while your bust is gently supported with elastic contouring. Medium bust-support garments feature support that keeps your bust in place but do not compress your curves.

Experience medium bust-support in alluring lace with the Morgan Cradle Bust Silk Chemise or the Morgan Vintage Long Silk Gown.

  • Maximum Bust-Support. Discover the best in comfort with maximum bust-support lined with ultra-soft elastane mesh and gently contouring elastics under and alongside the bust. Maximum bust-support garments are perfect for those with larger busts or those who don’t want to risk any slipping.

Feel support like never before in pieces like the Morgan Iconic Bust-Support Camisole and our all-time best seller, the Morgan Iconic Bust-Support Chemise.


The Morgan Collection: For Every Woman

If you’re looking for somewhere to begin with bust-support sleepwear, lingerie and loungewear, explore the Morgan collection. Our capstone collection of flattering garments features a variety of unbelievably soft silk styles with delicate lace details in a variety of seasonal shades. The Morgan collection features chemises, camisoles, and long gowns in a variety of different bust-support levels so you can find the piece that feels best for your body and style. Discover Morgan today.