The Best Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

The Best Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Confidence is a key component to happiness. When you embrace and learn to love the woman you are, you unlock more fulfillment and less stress.

However, being confident in the skin we’re in isn’t always easy; even the boldest people have days where they feel insecure. Here are some of the best ways to boost your self confidence, so you can start living your best life.


Set Purposeful Goals

Sometimes, we can be guilty of thinking, “If I could just change that ONE thing about myself, then I’d be totally happy with the person that I am.” It seems like there’s always something preventing us from feeling confident in who we are.

Limiting beliefs are things that we tell ourselves are true that prevent us from reaching our fullest potential. So, what are your limiting beliefs? Are you insecure because you don’t work out enough – so you think you just can’t do it? Do you feel like you keep getting passed up for promotions at work – so you believe that you don’t deserve them? Instead of letting your limiting beliefs get in the way of your confidence, see them as opportunities to make small, purposeful goals that will make you believe in yourself.

Big goals can be overwhelming and are less likely to lead to valuable change. Starting small actually improves the chance of achieving a goal. For example, instead of telling yourself you’ll work out every single day, why not try working out once a week? Achieving the smallest goals inspires confidence and shows you that you actually can do the things your limiting beliefs told you are impossible.


Make time for Self Compassion

Another way to boost your confidence is by making time for self-compassion. It’s easy to overanalyze every little thing about yourself. There is so much about you celebrate; if you make an effort to show yourself compassion, you’ll start to see the things that make you shine.

Showing self compassion starts with realizing that no one is perfect. It might seem like there are people who have it all together, but we all have insecurities and stressors. Letting go of the need for perfection makes room for self love to grow.

Reflect on the things that you like the most about yourself. What do your best friends and family love about you? What unique energy do you bring to every situation that you’re in? What are the things that you know that you’re good at? Making a conscious effort to think of the things you love about yourself more than you criticize yourself is a mindset shift that will allow you to better see the amazing things about you.


Experiment with New Things

What have you always wanted to try? From solo travel, to trying a new art class, to even wearing an outfit that shows off a little more skin, there’s always something that we’ve managed to talk ourselves out of doing. Experimenting with new things and having new experiences shows us that we are in control of our happiness. When we try things that we’ve talked ourselves out of, we boost our confidence. Beginning something new is the hardest step; it doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not.

The first step is simply deciding to be open to trying something different. When new opportunities come your way, decide to say ‘yes’, especially if they’re slightly out of your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised at what you can end up achieving.


Stop Comparing Yourself

In the age of social media, it can be especially tempting to compare yourself to others. What if we changed our mindset and started seeing others’ successes as a celebration? If someone has a life that you envy, why not try seeing their lifestyle as something that can be achievable for you, as well?

Stop comparing yourself negatively to others. If you’re finding that social media accounts that you follow are negatively affecting your mental image of yourself, press the Unfollow button. You should always make sure to surround yourself with positive influences, both online and off. Follow people who keep it real, embrace their flaws, and elevate your own confidence.

There are many accounts on Instagram that can inspire you to start loving yourself for who you are and embracing the things that make you unique. Some of our favourites are:

  • Chloe Hamard (@chloe_hamard), who teaches us how to prioritize self-care and sustainability. You can watch her Day in the Life vlogs for day-to-day inspiration and exercise tips;
  • Marissa Elliott (@motivationmars), who’s goal is to help people like you embrace the joy that comes from moving your body. Follow her for fitness tips and adorable photos of her dog, Apollo;
  • Erika Cramer (@thequeenofconfidence) is a confidence coach who prides herself in teaching those like you to find their inner queen and reclaim their confidence. Erika provides inspirational quotes, book recommendations, and has an amazing podcast called The Confidence Chronicles; and
  • Shalanna Layne (@shalannalayne_), a mindset and confidence coach, will help you to embrace your body and your mind so you can truly see what makes you beautiful. Shalanna will teach you how to “embrace your glow up” and motivate yourself to do things that scare you.


Embrace What Makes You Beautiful

Every person and body is different; diversity is what makes our world a beautiful place. Being kind to your body and embracing your unique beauty elevates your confidence. We too often tell ourselves that if we just lost five pounds, or if we changed our diet, that we would have the body that we wanted. However, confidence means accepting your body as it is and loving it for all of the things it does for you.

One of the best ways to be kind to your body is by wearing pieces that make you feel your best and show off your favorite things about yourself. Regardless of how your body looks, how old you are, or your insecurities, you deserve garments that make you feel like the queen that you are.

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Being confident isn’t always easy, but making your confidence a priority leads to new opportunities and happiness. NK IMODE has silks for every woman, designed to make you feel your most confident so you can take on whatever comes your way every single day. Start by exploring our entire collection here today.