Treat Her to Silk Lingerie Gifts This Holiday

Treat Her to Silk Lingerie Gifts This Holiday

The holiday season has arrived and the woman in your life deserves some luxury. Gifting silk lingerie and loungewear provides her with more than a stylish garment. Silk is soothing for the skin, thermoregulating, and sustainable, allowing for the utmost comfort throughout the day and night. She’ll love how these silk gifts last beyond more than one season, making her feel her most alluring for years to come.

NK IMODE knows how to help women show off their inner beauty with everyday luxury garments; we know that every woman has unique style and needs, and have crafted silks to suit every lifestyle. Here are our top silk loungewear and lingerie gifts for her this holiday season.


The Gift of Relaxation

From the multi-tasker – you know, the one who is always juggling multiple projects – to a sleep deprived new mom, the busiest people in your life deserve the gift of rest. This is why silk pajamas are the ideal gift for the woman on the go.

While she may not be able to get as much sleep as she would like, she’ll love how silk gives her the highest-quality shut eye when she needs it. The soft touch provides the best in comfort and its thermoregulating properties allow her to maintain the optimal temperature throughout her sleep.

Silk pajamas can be worn every single night, ensuring luxury even at the busiest moments. Our washable silk pajama sets, such as the Dylan Urbane Short Silk PJ Set and the Dylan Urbane Nightshirt, bring her easy comfort and rest throughout the year.

For that extra bit of rest, treat her to the Sleep Well Restful Sleep Mist from Saje Natural Wellness. This lavender and valerian spray will soothe her mind while the silk relaxes her body for the best sleep yet.


A Romantic Holiday Treat for the Love of Your Life

Treat her to romance that goes beyond the holiday season. Nothing says “I love you” quite like a sensual, classic piece of lingerie. An essential piece in every woman’s lingerie collection is a ravishing silk chemise.

The right chemise helps to express her personality, so she feels her most confident in her own skin. NK IMODE’s chemises were designed for optimal freedom of movement, with adjustable straps that don’t slip. Our three levels of bust support match her body type and desired comfort level, so she can show off her curves how she wants.

For silk and lace luxury, gift her our bestselling Morgan Iconic Bust Support Chemise, or add unique glamour with the exclusive Adelaide Silk Lace Slip in hammered silk.

Make the holiday even more romantic with a delicious local bottle of wine. Glass House Estate Winery is a family-run vineyard featuring delicate wines for every palate. Complete the date night with a customized charcuterie box from the award-winning Charcuterie Vancouver.


Versatile and Stylish Pieces for The Social Gal

She’s the life of the party. Always out and about, she makes time for every person in her life, while making an appearance at every event. And, of course, she always looks her best. How do you provide relaxation for the woman who never seems to spend any time at home?

A versatile silk garment is the perfect gift for this person. Not all silks are meant to be kept behind closed doors; NK IMODE has multipurpose loungewear that is meant to be styled beyond the sheets. These silks will keep her looking fabulous while bopping from coffee date to dinner party, and provide the best in relaxation for those rare moments that she spends alone.

The innovative Dylan Quilted Silk Robe is perfect for the chilly months of the year, making a stylish jacket for any occasion and the coziest robe for the quiet moments.

Of course, you’ll want to treat her to a night on the town as well. Why not pick up a gift voucher to a local restaurant? For the foodies, Loula’s Taverna and Bar provides delectable Greek food in an upbeat setting. If she’s a cocktail lover, the H Tasting Lounge combines inventive cocktails with fantastic views overlooking the ocean.


For the Woman with Classic Style and Taste

She’s a classic. Forget about the latest trends; she is all about the things that last. From her simple, sophisticated wardrobe to her love for old movies, the classic woman is all about things that last beyond one season.

Give her the gift of effortless glamour with a timeless long silk robe or long silk gown. These pieces make her feel like an old Hollywood movie starlet while bringing the luxury and comfort that only silk can provide. Wrapped in opulent silk and lace, long silk garments are perfect additions to her capsule wardrobe.

For endless glamour, gift her the Larena Evening Bust-Support Long Silk Gown and the Larena Evening Long Silk Robe. You can amplify the luxury by providing her an aromatherapeutic experience from Fern and Petal. With essential oils, diffusers, and bath soaks, relaxation will be within reach for her every single day.


Bold Gifts for a Confident Woman

She marches to the beat of her own drum. This woman knows who she is, what she wants, and how she’s going to get it. With her unique style and endless confidence, she’s not afraid to stand out. Her silk lingerie should match her free spirit, whether she wears it at home or on the town.

Consider giving her lingerie and loungewear in a bold tone. NK IMODE’s Morgan collection, which features iconic silk and lace styles that can be treasured for years to come, features robes, camisoles, chemises in more in vibrant shades. From shimmering gold to raspberry wine, you’ll find something that stands out like she does.

If she’s more the bohemian type, explore our Dahlia collection. With flirtatious details and delicate silk georgette fabric, the Dahlia collection was crafted for the dreamers in the world.

Captivate her senses further with a delicious candle. Vancouver-based Mala the Brand features innovative smells like the citrusy Cereal, the floral Spa Day, and the fresh Evergreen with a wooden wick for a delightful crackling sound.


Sustainable Silks for the Environmentally-Friendly

She cares about the world, and she wants to give back. This woman has five different recycling bins in her kitchen, speaks passionately about the climate crisis, and only buys from sustainable brands. She wants to feel her most rested and rejuvenated without taking anything away from the earth.

NK IMODE cares about sustainability and only creates garments that only provide good to the world. Our silk fabric is biodegradable and OEKO-TEX certified, which means it has been crafted without chemicals that harm you or the environment. All garments are made in our ethical family factory and we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability practices.

One of our most innovative garments yet is the Zero Waste Robe. This robe uses a pattern that means that no extra fabric is used in creating the garment. It still provides her with luxury and function, with convenient pockets, while giving her the peace of mind that nothing ended up the landfill as a result of its creation.

Indoor plants have been proven to reduce stress and improve concentration – why not send one to your eco queen alongside a silk? Plant Therapy ships plants – with pet-friendly and low light options – directly to their home, making enjoying lush greenery easier than ever.


Find the Perfect Silk Gift for Her

From a sensual piece of lingerie to day-to-night loungewear, a silk garment is a gift that she’ll treasure for years to come this holiday season. Let us help you find the perfect garment for her. Book an appointment with our online personal shopper today; we’ll help you find the thoughtful gift that she deserves.