Best Lingerie for Brides Depending on Your Personal Style

Best Lingerie for Brides Depending on Your Personal Style

Purchasing lingerie can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. With so many different styles, colours, and types to choose from, it can be tough to determine which piece is best for you. This is especially difficult when choosing bridal lingerie, as one inherently feels more pressure to find the perfect piece. Our best advice when searching for lingerie for any occasion is to ensure it makes you feel comfortable and confident. It’s hard to feel one without the other, and you’ll want both for your bridal lingerie, particularly if you’ve spent all evening in a wedding dress and heels. At NK IMODE, we offer a carefully curated selection of styles that will bring both comfort and confidence to any bride. What style works best for you will depend entirely on your personality. Read on to determine which lingerie best suits your personal style and find our top picks to match.


If you like long, flowing silks and have always wanted to feel like a Femme Fatale in a film noir, your style is Classic. This style is accented with subtle lace details but focuses on keeping as much uninterrupted silk on your skin as possible. You adore the idea of wrapping yourself in a long silk robe with a gorgeous, elegant gown underneath, waiting to be revealed.

Get ready for your close-up with these styles:

Dylan Urban Midi Silk Slip

Anya Beautiful Bust-Support Long Silk Gown

Morgan Vintage Long Silk Gown


Your style is Feminine if you enjoy strolls through the garden and find yourself reaching for a romance novel more often than not. Lots of intricate lace detailing highlights this style while skirts are shorter and flowy. You favour chemises that make you feel like a ballerina, whether you’re lounging or twirling.

Your style is best showcased in these styles:

Raquel Feminine Lounge Swing Silk Chemise

Morgan Iconic Bust-Support Silk Chemise

Precious Sunset Silk Chemise


If long gowns and shorter chemises make you feel like you’re dressing up, your style is Casual. Separates with tap pants or PJ bottoms encompass the casual style but can be dressed up with subtle lace detailing for an added touch of elegance. You usually sleep in an oversize t-shirt and boxers and want something that retains similar comfort but with an elevated look.

Your casual yet elegant styles include:

Dylan Urban Short Silk PJ set

Morgan Lace Spaghetti Silk Camisole

Raquel Feminine Lounge Wrapped Silk PJ Set


If you find yourself gravitating toward bust-support pieces and lace detailing, your style might be Sophisticated. You love an elegant look but even more so if you’re feeling supported while wearing it. Perhaps you’re on the bustier side or simply prefer the little boost of confidence you get from a bust-support chemise.

Look and feel great in these styles:

Morgan Cradle Bust Silk Chemise

Raquel Feminine Lounge Bust Support Silk Slip

Anya Beautiful Bust-Support Silk Chemise


Your style is Flirty if you’re a free spirit with a silly side. You prefer loose flowing materials with a slightly higher cut for a cheekier look. Your style preference is about having fun and freedom of movement.

Your peek-a-boo styles include:

Precious Sunset Silk Babydoll

Anya Beautiful Babydoll Silk Chemise

Dylan Urbane Silk Tap Pant

Find Your Perfect Fit

Bridal styles don’t have to be limited to lacey lingerie that leaves nothing to the imagination, nor do you have to be able to wear it all day under your wedding dress.
Search for the style that best suits your personal style with NK IMODE’s silk lingerie collection and slip into something that will make you feel your absolute best on your special day.