5 Activities for Couples Self-Care Rituals

5 Activities for Couples Self-Care Rituals

A self-care routine is an excellent way to rest and unwind from time to time to feel refreshed and keep your stress levels in check. Often we see these routines as solo activities like a spa day or a relaxing bubble bath but studies have shown that engaging in a self-care ritual as a couple helps strengthen your relationship and deepen your bond. Sharing a sense of peace and doing an activity as a team enables you to overcome future stressors together. It’s also a great way to spend more time with the person you love and connect on a deeper level than you would by binge-watching the latest show on tv. Read on for five great activities for couples self-care rituals that don’t even involve leaving the house.



Find some music that you both love and turn any room in your home into a dance floor. Whether or not you know how to dance doesn’t really matter, though if you are feeling a little lost there are always tutorials on YouTube you can watch to learn some steps. Otherwise, move with your partner however feels good to you. Dancing raises your endorphins, releases serotonin, and helps you to relax while having fun. Dancing in a duo allows for playful contact as well as teamwork, working in sync, and can even result in sharing a laugh, releasing even more endorphins and feel-good vibes. If you do want to learn more steps and schedule some regular activity time with your partner, you can also sign up for dance classes.

Play a Cooperative Game

There are plenty of games on the market—both tabletop games and video games— that encourage cooperation. Find one that interests both of you and work towards a common goal. A somewhat recent addition to cooperative games is the strategy escape room-style games that you can do at home. If these options feel a little too overwhelming for you, there are always puzzles. Working towards a goal together in a fun setting is a great way to deepen bonds and relax—unless you’re the type of couple that thrives on competitive games and would rather try that. We leave your game style entirely up to you but encourage play as a way to reset and try something new as a couple.


For this ritual, we don’t mean heading off to have a couple’s massage. Find somewhere cosy at home and take turns giving each other a massage. Whether that means putting on a movie and alternating between giving a neck massage and getting a foot massage, or trading back massages on different days, getting and giving a massage is both a great couple bonding activity and a self-care ritual. Getting a massage is a great way to relieve stress, help release tension, and is both mentally and physically beneficial. Returning the favour to your partner helps you to feel closer to each other through skin-to-skin contact. It’s a win for everyone.


We all know how relaxing a facial is on our own, so now we want you to share that feeling with your partner. Find a face mask that suits your skin’s needs and enjoy the soothing effects on your skin while catching up with each other about your goals, needs, or upcoming week. You can also make silly faces at each other because let’s face it, having a bunch of green goop on one’s face does look pretty funny and laughter is a great endorphin boost to relieve stress. How extravagant you make your facial is up to you, whether you want to lay back with cucumber slices over your eyes or take silly selfies together, keep your focus on the present.

Take a Nap

Now that you’re all blissed out from the other couples self-care rituals, take a nap! Studies show that sleeping next to someone else has both physical and emotional benefits. From lowered blood pressure and a stronger immune system to reduced anxiety and increased happiness, having a nap with someone is a great way to connect without the pressure of staying entertained or holding a conversation. It is literally the best way to rest and relax. Be sure to set an alarm so you don’t end up sleeping the whole day away or wake up feeling disoriented and grumpy. A 20-minute nap wakes you up before heading into your REM cycle, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized, and alert without interrupting your regular sleep schedule. 90-minute naps cycle through all your sleep stages, leaving you feeling more rejuvenated, creative, focused, and physically energized. Find the time that works best for both of you and get cuddly!

The Best Part

Our favourite part of these tips? All of these activities can be done at home, in your pajamas. And what better pajamas than ones made of sustainable silk to keep you at the perfect temperature and treat your skin to the softest feeling ever? Breathable, temperature-regulating silk pajamas will add a touch of decadence to your couples self-care ritual and an extra layer of self-care thanks to the benefits of having silk on your skin. Here at NK IMODE, we know the importance of self-care and creating deeper connections with our partners which is why we offer matching PJ sets for couples to encourage both practices. Start your year on the right foot with self-care rituals you can enjoy together.
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