When In Doubt, Wear It As A Hollywood Icon!

When In Doubt, Wear It As A Hollywood Icon!

When in doubt, wear it like a Hollywood Icon! Hollywood has been feeding our imagination with visions of beauty for decades. Looking to add to your collection a timeless piece of lingerie evoking Hollywood’s Golden Age?

We have put together a list featuring iconic images of silver screen leading ladies we adore & admire for their confident sex-appeal.

1. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor - NK iMODE Capucine Paramour Silk Chemise

No list would be complete without Liz Taylor in the iconic 1958 film “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. Ms. Taylor looks timeless in this beautifully designed slip by Academy Award costume designer Helen Rose. One could list Liz twice with her infamous role in “Butterfield 8”. Ms. Taylor is number one for a reason!

To channel your inner Maggie-the-cat, look no further than our CAPUCINE Paramour Silk Chemise.

2. Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve - MK iMODE MORGAN Spaghetti Silk Chemise in Ivory

Ms. Deneuve shown here in 1969 French film romantic drama La sirène du Mississipi, (Mississippi Mermaid) continues to be a style icon to this day. Ms. Deneuve was listed as one of the fifty best-dressed women over 50 by the Guardian in March 2013. She was also considered to be one of Yves Saint Laurent’s muses; he dressed her in six films notably, Belle de jour. Such credentials cannot be ignored!

Recreate Ms. Deneuve’s look with our MORGAN Spaghetti Silk Chemise in Ivory, for that French Connection moment!

3. Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth - NK iMODE our MORGAN Charming Long Silk Robe in Ivory

Rita Hayworth was labeled “the love goddess” long before Madonna dropped her name in her 1990’s classic song “Vogue”. Ms. Hayworth is considered to be one of the Top 25 motion picture stars of all time by the American Film Institute, appearing in a total of 61 films over 37 years.

To capture Ms. Hayworth’s look from the 1941 film “Blood and Sand” we suggest our MORGAN Charming Long Silk Robe in Ivory, you too can be a “love goddess” right now!

4. Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda - NK iMODE Silk Pajamas

What can we say about Jane Fonda that hasn’t been said already? She’s beyond iconic, her accomplishments both on and off screen are second to none. We think she looks stunningly modern lounging in this simple pajama top.

Interested in following this legend’s lead, then try any of our silk pajama sets, maybe that’s the thing keeping you from being the next fitness guru!

5. Diana Dors

Diana Dors - NK iMODE Ophelia Seduction Silk Slip

Diana Dors often referred to as “the English Marilyn Monroe” was the blonde bombshell from across the pond. While Ms. Dors’ star never reached the heights of Marilyn’s, her life and legacy was no less intriguing. Her story might be filled with ups and downs, but this gorgeous woman surely knew how to capture our imagination.

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These are just some of our favourite leading ladies who have captured our hearts, inspired us with their class and endless charm.

We invite you to share your comments below. Who is your favourite on our list? What screen legend or movie would you add?