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March 29, 2016

Being stylish isn't just about wearing the latest fashionable clothes. In fact, finding your personal style is about finding clothes which feel comfortable while highlighting your best features. In other words, determine your own style by discovering what works for you; over time setting the foundation for an unbeatable wardrobe!

    1. Style is Self-Expression:

      Your clothes should be a reflection of your personality, kicking it up a notch depending on the mood you might want to express on any given day. Knowing who you are and what makes you shine is your best kept secret!

        2. Style requires Self-Confidence:

          Trust yourself, be assertive in your style choices; self-confidence should safely guide you into the way you look best, you might even venture wearing something out of your comfort zone but since you have self-assurance no one will dare rain on your parade! Self-confidence along with a beautiful smile are the best accessories a woman can own!

            3. Style involves Preparation:

              Select an outfit the day before, this way you won’t feel rushed choosing “whatever” comes first making your preparation time effortless, there’s nothing like starting a stress-free day!  The up side to doing this is that you can plan and project how you are going to feel and look! You’ll be glowing from the praise your colleagues will express on how well put-together you are, who needs to know, right?

                4. Style demands Balance:

                  Juggling high-street fashion with hard-earned luxuries worthy of the glossy pages of Vogue is an art and you, sister, will soon master it to perfection!  Trust your latest designer-heels to distract from an off-the-rack cocktail dress, after all, being thrifty is not a sin!     

                    5. Style favours Repeat:

                      Don’t be afraid, wear your favourite pieces as often as you wish by reinventing their allure depending on the occasion! Luckily these special pieces come in different colors, so ideally start with classic neutral shades then promote yourself to bold colors! This is an occasion when repeating yourself numerous times becomes charming!

                        6. Styles values Appreciation:

                          Your self-worth will solve your style-dilemma! Ultimately self-feel-good purchases, like an Italian designer bag or a plush cashmere sweater are not intended to make you feel guilty or over indulgent but rather express a token of self-appreciation!

                            7. Style equals Comfort:

                              Life is too short to wear anything uncomfortable for the sake of fashion!  Being a fashion victim is not going to assure you a safe place in fashion heaven!

                              Already mastered any of these?  Please share photos of how.  Tips of your own to share?  Then let’s get Social!

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