February 10, 2016

So you think you’re man enough to buy some lingerie for that amazing woman in your life? Well after reading this, you will be. If you were once like me and weren’t sure of the difference between a camisole and a chemise, you are not alone my friend. I’m going to give you a crash course in lingerie. First let’s go over some of the basics, these are terms that you’ve heard before but may not know the differences or why women love them.



NK iMode Chemise

Yep it looks like a dress but it’s not a dress, see there’s lace on it! This chemise style is a no-brainer for a brave first-time lingerie buyer like you, especially in classy colors such as champagne with black lace. Oh and it’s not a myth those tiny straps are easy to flick-off her fragile shoulders!



NK iMODE Camisole

Your princess is not a dress kinda-girl, here’s something perfect for her to appreciate your A+ effort, get her a “ca-mi-sole”, got that? Not only can she wear this “ca-mi-sole” to bed with a matching tap-pant, I’ll get to that in a minute, but she can also wear this silky camisole especially in black with skinny jeans, now that you’re digging, right?


Tap Pants

NK iMODE Tap Pants

You nailed down the camisole dilemma so now dude it’s time to discuss tap-pants. The good thing with this fancy lace-trim-girly-boxer-shorts is that it’s time for you to show her how smart and attentive you are by having picked up the correct size to fit her “derriere” which BTW might not necessarily be the same size as the camisole! Since you are smart and attentive you already figured this one out, right?


Short Robes

NK iMODE Short Robes

You’ve planned a kid-free weekend getaway for you two but wish to spice it up? Solution; consider getting her a silk short robe, that’ll come handy when room-service shows up with a champagne-breakfast for two, “surprise”!


Long Gowns

NK iMODE Long Gowns

Your lady-luck is classy with a touch of sassy, so a long gown with European flair is what you sir, gotta consider. With amazement she will surely take a second look at you appreciating you spared no expense splurging on meters of luxurious lace-trimmed silk! Congrats smooth operator!



NK iMODE Pajamas

Guys, a silk pajama set might very much be a game-changer in your daily life, trust me! Having her covered in silk-goodness will make your imagination race not to mention you’ll seriously consider burning those hideous over-sized T-shirts, time to light a match!



NK iMODE Babydolls

Before flashing your credit card at the speed of light when you hear the word “babydoll”, keep in mind this gift is intended to make your lady silently think, “hum, he’s a keeper” and not give you a one-way ticket to your man-cave! So tread carefully when considering getting her a babydoll as such gift coming from a dude is not always a good thing! Instead, I would suggest hinting at her BFF that your girl would look smashing in one of those lacy babydolls, so perhaps next girls-night-out she’ll spill the beans? You are welcome buddy!



NK iMODE Teddy

Your girl is quirky, after all she picked you, so why not surprising her with a teddy! A what? A teddy is an easy slip-on, slip-off kinda one-piece retro bodysuit that will make her feel like she’s in a 1920’s movie. Time to get your Gatsby act on!


Now that you have a basic understanding of the styles let’s go a little deeper. One of the main reasons women purchase lingerie is how it makes them feel. This may have to do with the material softness and the meticulous care that goes into every design detail making her feel exceptional.

When was the last time you chilled out in your silk and lace? I’m going to assume that the answer is never. Besides silk shirts and boxers, most fellas don’t tend to have that much experience with either. Word on the street is that the ladies feel sexy & assertive when they wear their favorite piece of lingerie. And who wouldn’t want to make someone special feel amazing.

Alright, let’s get into this. If you follow these three steps and I’m sure you’re going to be feeling pretty great about yourself as well.

Step 1. Find out what she likes & what sizes suits her best.

So, your mission is to figure out what “she” likes. If you’re unsure, don’t assume. As I said in Part 2 of this series, the clues may be around you, so take a peek in her lingerie drawer, you know the one you’re a little scared to look into. Make note of the sizing on the tags and compare those details with our Size Chart. Sizing can be tricky but with your recon work you should be able to figure out the correct size, which BTW, will amaze her.

You can also think about what you like or what you would like to see her in, but remember you are only part of the equation buddy. She may get a kick out of knowing what you’d like to see her wear. However, she may not be a fan of babydolls but rather prefer pajamas. That’s not meant to scare you. You know her best, I’m just reminding you to think about her so that your gift is greeted with success, remember gift giving is about the receiver, not the gift giver.

Step 2. Selecting a color

As this is Valentine’s Day you’re probably thinking the traditional red and pinks, while it is true that some women may like those colors, your woman may not. Take a moment to think about the colors she wears and what she had tucked away in that hush-hush drawer. You may very well end up at back at pink, and there is nothing wrong with that, you are that much closer to finding the right gift. At nkimode.com you can shop by color so if you want to filter out options and just see all of the pink lingerie you can.

NK iMODE Pink Category

Step 3. What kind of girl is she?

One last detail before you go off clicking. You know about what she likes, you know her size and you’ve thought about color. You still may have completely missed the mark because you haven’t factored in, what kind of gal she is.

To help you nail down the perfect gift, we have grouped some of our most popular options corresponding to three types of women, Sweet, Sexy & Classy. Take a look at the different classifications and see which one she fits best within one of those categories. Feel free to explore the entire shop, armed with your knowledge of size, color and keeping mind of the type of lady you’re shopping for, I’m convinced you’ll make the right selection.

Are you ready?

Remember these are only suggestions if you’re not sure if lingerie is the right gift then, please refer to my previous post which included links to some other gift ideas. I want your Valentine’s Day gift to be better than chocolates or a giant teddy bear. Trust me, she’ll love whatever you choose because you took the time to think about who she is and what she likes.