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January 19, 2016

As another Valentine’s Day approaches I can feel my anxiety starting to grow. Flowers? Chocolate? Lingerie? Where do I begin? Will I buy the right thing?

In the past here’s how the build up to Valentine’s day usually plays out for me. I panic over what to get my wife so I put off making any decision, in the end I ultimately just run out of time.

So, what am I worried about? Several things, typically my biggest concern is that I won’t get the right thing or that my selection will feel like a gift that comes out of social obligation rather than something original or thoughtful. Flowers & chocolates are the standard but do tend to feel like a cop-out or the gift of the man without ideas.

When it comes to selecting lingerie, this is where things get kind of scary. Chances are you if you’re like me you don’t know where to begin and going into a store is intimidating; perhaps you even feel embarrassed to be there. Am I picking out something for her or it is for me? Will I get talked into buying whatever the sales person recommends regardless of my wife’s style? What if I run into someone I know while I’m shopping for lingerie? What are they going think? While these aren’t my biggest worries in my life the pressure to deliver something great, always looms.

The fact is anyone that I run into while shopping isn’t going to think I’m creepy, they are going to think that it’s nice I’m taking the time to get my wife the right gift. They may be doing the same and feeling as overwhelmed as I am. We live in amazing times where access to information is always at our finger tips. I can purchase items in the comfort of home at any time and have it gift wrapped and delivered right to my door.


Don’t fear gents, check back next week and I’ll have a list of gift ideas that will help you find that perfect gift for the love of your life.  Do you already know what your buying your loved one this year?  Let us know your suggestions in the comments below.