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October 20, 2015

Step 1: A Vision!

Design Director Patrice may see something while walking down the street, or may just be doodling over his morning cappuccino, but every sensational garment starts the same way:  a doodle. 

In his words: "Inspiration has a mind of its own, it comes and goes at the blink of an eye! I can always count on my book collection to inject my creative juice with a jolt of imagination or TCM which can fuel my inspiration in a flash given the right mood! I’m a big lover of “Film noir” those lethal dames had style and attitude to match."


Step 2: The Flat Sketch!

From his mind through his eye to the paper in front of him, Patrice draws on his inspiration to draw a flat sketch of the garment with thoughts, ideas and notes. The sketch is then used for fitting and draping. From here, the approved sketch goes to our Graphic Design Team to create a color board for the latest creation.


Step 3: The Color Boards!

With an eye to what is trending and what will be trending, the sketch slowly comes to life in colors sure to dazzle and seduce!

Colour Board Progress For NK iMODE Estrella Long Silk GownComplete Colour Board For NK iMODE Estrella Long Silk Gown


Step 4: The "Tech Pack"

Taking the flat two-dimensional sketch to the luxurious feel of your sensational silk gown that lives and breathes with you requires countless details and exact proportions. The Tech Pack lays this out so that our expert team of cutters and sewers can really make a vision become a reality!

 NK iMODE Estrella Tech Pack


Step 5: Voila! A Gown to Die For!

This step is yours!  See how you bring our newest visions to life!

NK iMODE Estrella Superstar Long Silk Gown

                      NK iMODE Estrella Superstar Long Silk Gown

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